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Ideology or set of principal thathelps humans to interpret our everyday realityBACKGROUND INFORMATION  Since the beginning ofmankind, humans are controlled & believe to reform their thoughts.Religion, cultures & rituals takes the most important part in changing theway people think for ” ISIS , is interested in establishing a caliphate that’sradical extremist state with a supreme ruler while also helping to bring aboutthe apocalypse .” Their two primary ideals , however, seem completely at oddswith each individual person  all roundthe world  . ISIS LEADER ‘ ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI ‘ sees himself as the dictator of the complete world . His knowledge of Islamic scripts is what explainsthe history of ISIS , through even the seventh-century texts he drew fromone  manipulated person to a intensevision for the complete terrorirst organization.

  An  act named “THE EQUALITY ACT” is there since2010. The Equality Act has been legalized to  protects people from discrimination in theworkplace and in wider society where such scenes are been reported.It hasalready replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with just one  Act, making the law easier &understandable also used for  strengthening protection in some situationswhere those laws weren’t useful.

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It sets out the different ways in which it’sdifficult to treat someone who is completely unknown to such laws.Can a human object to aworkplace dress code or uniform policy that is against my religion?.Casestudy -EU workplace headscarf ban ‘can be legal’, says ECJ Thecase study revolves around the employee samira achbita , who was employed for 3years & then she began to wear the headscarf. She claimed that she was beingdirectly discriminated against her religion & Belgium’s court of cassation referredto this case as the case to the EU’s top court for clarification.

Not only thatbut there have been numerous cases filed after this case  Global perspectivesHowa person dresses  at work is becomingmore important in the workstation. This is partly due to a number of legalcases being emphasized in the media and fears amongst employers and employeesabout what dress code is acceptable at the workstation Biased  perspective Employee’s perspective A person with  a biased  perception will  changes the attitude toward the worker because of two point-of-view striking in his head, First as the person would be of different religion & second as his own personal perspective. The worker/employee may get affected due to this, as she is discriminated by the person leading to inefficiency at work. Her perspective will not be able to match with the other person perspective & thus it will lead to conflicts or ignorance amongst the two or more people  National perspective It was the first ruling issue that has becomehighly charged across the Europe, the ECJ found that many Belgian firms had torule that employees who are allocated with their customers should not find anytype of religious symbol which may not lead to any discrimination against any Muslimrecipient which also includes of hijabs. Employee perspective Costumers perspective The workers/employee is not treated well by the costumers at the workplace, than they may think, it’s happening due to their identification of their religion & costumer may be a biased person towards other religions.

This will lead to reduction in the efficiency of the workers, self-esteem & in rare cases they would be mentally disturbed. The costumer would not prefer professionals to be dressed in a way that would display their religion. Costumers prefer that the employee should be dressed  in such a way that he’s identity of religion is kept hidden  Personal perspective From my perspective, employeesshould be given the freedom to follow the basic ethics of their cultures, whichdoesn’t interfere with their works & spoil the harmony of their workplace,out of all the 31 articles, one such is right to freedom, liberty .whichexplains that everyone has their own choice to think upon what they want to door what they don’t want to do & no one can stop them.

However there are manysuch people who discriminate people based on their caste or religion; those peopleare still having the orthodox mind-set, even for they being poor, middle class orbillionaires. Those people would demotivate other religions by insulting theone who follows them & show that their religions have a higher standardthan any other religion around their society. Manager’s perspective Employee’s perspective The managers perception changes because of two point-of-view striking in his head, First as the manager & second as his own personal perspective. The worker/employee may get affected due to this, as she is forced/harassed to un-follow her cultures. Her perspective will not be able to match with manager’s perspective & thus she won’t be able to concentrate or do well on the task given as an employee.  Scenarios1.     The country such as the republic of Austriawhich is one of the ruling alliances agreed in January 2017 to prohibit full-facehijab at public places such as parks and public transits.

It says that it wasconsidering a embargo on state employees wearing the headscarf and otherreligious symbols at the workstation.The new policy was seen as an effort tocounter the rise of the governmental party, which had almost won the presidencyin December 2016.The alliance, made up of the left-wing Social Democratize individualsand the conservative Austrian People’s Party, said that full-face hijab inpublic places in the mode of “Open communication,” which it said was essentialto an open society2.     One country which is amongst the P5nation has also been example. On 11th April 2011, France became thefirst European country to ban the full-face hijab in public places. 3.

     Under this ban, none of the Muslim woman,French or foreign, are not allowed to leave their home with their face hiddenbehind a hijab or burka or they have to pay a particular amount of money asfine. As President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose management brought in theban, said that hijab, harass women and those women are not allowed in France.Followed by this 5 years later in 2016 France bought a new law on ban of fullbody swimsuit which is also known as burkinis . The new prime minister mauelvalls called this swimsuit as the  confirmationof political Islam in the public pace of France4.     Apart from this but a city like turkey where two-third of the women includingthe wives & daughter of prime minister & president have banned thehijab in their city none of the women has the right to cover their heads orwear an such thing which were tied loosely under women chin declared by theturkey constitution  at the universities5.

     On December 6th 2016, presidentangela merkel said the wearing of hijab should be ban in Germany. This commentof her was very controversy; & came as a law that hijab in the publicplaces which were proposed by internal minister Thomas de maiziere. On September2003 the federal Constitutional court ruled in favour of a teacher who wants towear hijab to her university. At least half of the Germany16 states went on toban teacher from wearing hijab & in the state of his& the ban includedcivil servants. These are the top 4 countrieswith more conservancy topics about the women wearing hijab   SolutionsHijab are often viewedas symbol of radicalism. In the rise of the new & existence Islamic state, it’sthe unsurprising, therefore, those in recent days many numbers of Australian politicianshave called for this. Article 18 of human right says that everyone has thefreedom of belief & religion.

So from my perspective I think that all countriesshould remove such bans from their constitution & have a right to wearanything they want to. Secondly Muslim women should not be discriminated basedon what are they wearing roan other cloth or symbol which shows their religion.However the employee should meet the workshop standards & follow all theinstructions. Even government should concentrate on such matter & have aregular check-up in every 3-4 months.

After this,each individual should have agood mind set that they should not discriminate any peron  against their religion.So  I would like to conclude with everyonedeserved to be free & there shouldn’t be any person who can point fingers over their religion or what they wear. Followedby the working condition for them should be motivating & helps them to workefficiently. Secondly all people should be having a independent life.


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