Identities and Belonging Essay

As societal animate beings. human existences have a demand to belong.

Human existences need the stimulation of other human existences to make their full potency. One’s individuality is formed and influenced by the groups one belongs to. Worlds are by nature sociable existences that must larn to collaborate for peaceable being to happen but are besides single personalities who seek their ain ego fulfillment. Belonging to groups ; household. societal or environmental groups. can hold unmeasurable benefits. But while groups do supply one with a sense of individuality. security and protection it can nevertheless ensue in forfeits to selfhood and can imply certain inevitable costs.

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Groups tend to be self policing and use standards for rank and non everyone can suit that standards. In order to belong. it is necessary to possess certain features. and those that do non hold these features. are disposed to be excluded. So great is the human desire for credence and inclusion. nevertheless that the person may good absorb many costs in their attempts to run into the criterions that is asked of them.

Most people are other people. Their ideas are person else’s sentiments. their lives are mimicry. and their passions are citations.When we were born. our idea is merely like a white piece of paper.

During the clip we grow up. our relationships and behaviors with others shape our manner of thought and our idea of life. In the text “ five ways to let down your Vietnamese female parent “ Diana Nguyen.

negotiations about her negative relationship with her female parent and how she managed to let down her because she wanted to follow her dreams. Diana ne’er felt like she belonged someplace until the twenty-four hours she could really execute. * I don’t cognize what else I should state here* Who am I and where do I belong?These are inquiries we may inquire ourselves on a day-to-day footing. As you may cognize I was born in Greece. and I moved to Australia 1.

5 old ages ago. I wasn’t truly thrilled about it but I had no pick. I had to go forth my state and travel to a wholly new and different topographic point. I had to give my linguistic communication so I can belong here.

When I stepped into the plane to go forth. the lone thing that went through my caput is that I had to redefine myself once more. show people how I truly am and try to do new friendly relationships from the start. I remember my pa stating to me “ you don’t ave to worry. this is a new start.

a new life. You can be a new you! no 1 knows you so you can show yourself the manner you want! ” But truly who was I? who am I? For the past 17 old ages I was Doris. a miss that wasn’t ever a great pupil but the greatest female oarsman on my age group. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be able to follow my passion here. to row. I had to remain place.

survey and seek to suit in! Adjustment was the hardest thing to make – it still is- the first twenty-four hours of school it was like twelvemonth 1 all over once more. new people everyplace. everyone had their ain groups and so it was me.

Different groups have outlooks that force you to give facets of your individuality. Positive and negative facets. Besides giving parts of your civilization so you could be “one of them” . One of the station positive and impressive things that happened to me was that in Australia. I had clip to see different Greek traditions that I ne’er did in Greece! Grecian people in Melbourne attempt harder to maintain their Greek individuality and civilization. In Greece on the other manus we ne’er try.

we know who we are and that we will ever be Greeks.We might non observe GreeK Easter as they do here but we know the existent significance of it and we respect it without traveling to the extreme. However. I might lose my state but I learnt a batch of material this past twelvemonth and I can’t delay to larn more. After suiting in and happening where I belong I household found some spear clip to go on what I love more.

rowing. So that’s me I am merely a Grecian miss. who is a different individual in Australia and a another one dorsum in Greece.


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