Identify Effective Motivational Techniques That Could Increase Employee Performance Business Essay

In resent times, directors and direction research worker have reaffirm long term believe that organizational ends are unachievable without the digesting committedness of members of the administration. It has been said that the work force remains the most critical productive plus of any administration. It is the human component that gives way and dynamism to the administration.In fact, an administration can merely turn to the extent made possible by the voluntary and originative application of the accomplishments and expertness of its work force.

It is for this ground that the hunt for ways and agencies of actuating the work force for optimum organizational public presentation has more or less remained a central concern of direction since the birth of industrial civilisation.Today, as in the early yearss of organizational history, directors frequently ask some cardinal inquiries: what can we make to actuate our work force? What is the intent of motive? As many still ignore the fact that no administration can last without its workers, and the workers themselves can non be productive if their demands are non met.Freeman ( 1998 ) , noted that administrations, emphatic addition in productiveness without needfully sing the demands of the workers. They are nevertheless ; ignorant of the fact that administration can non last without its workers and the workers themselves can non be productive if there demands are non met. Aluko, M.A. ( 2000 ) asserted that workers should non be made to work as machines and tools whose presence in the administration is merely to execute while accent is placed on productiveness entirely without believing of what will drive the employee to set on his optimal best.

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Stoner ( 1998 ) stated that motive is a human psychological feature, it includes the factors that cause channel and prolong human behavior, motive trades with “ what makes people believe ” . Aluko ( 2000 ) noted that the major motivational factor is money, although we have seen that in Nigeria, money entirely do non vouch productiveness.Other non-monetary inducements such as monetary value, occupation publicity, upgrading and promotion, occupation security and acknowledgment go a long manner to hike the morale of workers. If workers demands are satisfied, it might take to an addition in productiveness. However every director regardless of the size of the administration can integrate motive into the work environment to excite and act upon employee.

From the foregoing, since the survey of motive is indispensable for organizational endurance and growing, it is an effort by this survey to look at the consequence of motive as a tool for increasing employee productiveness.1.2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEMAlthough much has been said and written on motive and employee public presentation, and the fact that the topic has been given increased attending in most administrations, it takes excess attempt for the staff to set on optimum public presentation. Employees and employer have different purposes as respects to parts each one of these groups bring to the development or ends of the administration. Employees are concerned with maximising their buying power while the employers are interested in minimising cost and procuring the best value for minimal spending. Different sentiments have come up in the survey of motivational effects as to whether or non they impact on employee public presentation and better productiveness.In the visible radiation of the bow traveling the critical undertaking of this research is to place effectual motivational techniques that could increase employee public presentation.


1.3 RESEARCH QUESTIONSThe research seeks to reply the followers:I. Does motivational techniques have any impact on employee public presentation?two. Does money play a deciding function in the optimal public presentation of an employee?three. Is at that place any difference in the motivational bundle of the present coevals Bankss compare to the old coevals Bankss? .

four. How can the present bing wage bundles of these Bankss be improved?v. Is it possible for an employee to go forth his present occupation if he is offered a higher bundle?


This survey intends to:-To set up the relationship between motive and public presentation.- To analyze the consequence of motivational techniques in increasing employee productiveness.- To place the motivational techniques used by Union bank and Fidelity bank.- To critically compare their comparative impact upon employee productiveness and efficiency.

– To do recommendation for farther research.


The undermentioned research hypothesis will be tested:H0: There is a relationship between motive and productiveness.H1: There is no relationship between motive and productiveness.


Union bank of Nigeria plc was established in 1917 as a colonial bank with its first subdivision in Lagos. In 1925 Barclays bank acquired the colonial bank which resulted in the alteration of the bank ‘s name to Barclays bank ( Dominion, colonial and overseas ) . Following the passage of company ‘s act1968 and the legal demand for all foreign subordinates to be incorporated locally, Barclays bank ( DOC ) in 1969 was incorporated as Barclays bank of Nigeria limited. The ownership construction of Barclays bank remained unchanged until 1971 when 8.33 % of the bank ‘s portions were offered to Nigerians. In the same twelvemonth it was listed on the Nigeria stock exchange. As a consequence of the Nigerian endeavor publicity act of 1972, the federal authorities of Nigeria acquired 51.

67 % of the bank ‘s portions which left Barclays bank plc with merely 40 % . By the passage of 1972 and 1977, the Nigeria enterprises publicity act Barclays bank international disposed its shareholdings to Nigerians in 1979. To reflect new ownership construction and in conformity with the companies and allied affairs act of 1990 it assumed the name Union bank of Nigeria plc. In conformity with the authorities programme of denationalization and commercialization of public endeavors, the federal authorities in 1993 sold its portions in brotherhood bank to private persons. Thus brotherhood bank became to the full owned by Nigerian citizens and administrations. Background of administration from bank web site ( www. ) .Fidelity bank plc began operations in 1988, as a merchandiser bank. In 1999 it converted to a commercial banking and so became a cosmopolitan bank in February 2001. The current hypertrophied fidelity bank is a consequence of the amalgamation with the former FSB international bank plc and Manny bank plc ( under the Fidelity trade name name ) in December 2005.Fidelity today is ranked amongst the top 10 in the banking industry with presence in major metropoliss and commercial Centres of Nigeria.

Over the old ages the bank has been reputed for unity and professionalism. It is besides respected for the quality and stableness of direction.Staffs are besides respected in the Nigerian banking industry for the quality of developing they receive on the occupation every bit good as in good concern school both in Nigeria and overseas. The direction is peculiar about the quality of people that join the system. To measure up as a member of squad Fidelity campaigners are expected to posses three critical characteristics: Endowment: an unconditioned mental aptitude, Ambition: a desire to win and Character: a entire quality of unity which will steer the endowment and aspiration to productive terminals. Background of the administration from bank ‘s web site ( www.fidelitybankplc.

com )


This survey will be of huge of import to different classs of people: viz. persons, pupils, administrations and the direction of Union bank Nigeria and Fidelity bank plc, because at the terminal of this research work, an in-depth cognition into motive and how it affects employee public presentation in workplace scenes will be good understood. The research work when accomplished will make ways by which the direction of Union bank of Nigeria and Fidelity bank will reappraise at that place present motive bundle with the purpose of bettering employee public presentation. It might besides be utile in finding, if the employees present public presentation or end product is based as a direct consequence of the present motivational strategies being used in the Bankss or the conventional basic salary constituents.It besides hopes to increase the degree of cognition on the bing motivational strategies in the Nigerian banking sector.

It will help pupils as a mention stuff in their libraries, for pupils interested in research in this country. It besides seeks aid to other research workers who may be interested to research more in this country, it footings of literature and to compare positions.


This survey focuses on the motivational techniques or bundles that have the potency of exciting employees to higher productiveness in the workplace. The survey intends to cover Union bank of Nigeria and Fidelity bank plc, headquarter of the Bankss and selected subdivisions within Lagos city.Due to the nature of the industry there might be jobs garnering informations, because issues of a bank ‘s productivity/output are ever kept in secretiveness and measurement end product and productiveness are hard because it is complex.

The usual job of administrating questionnaire particularly in an industry like banking is the job associated with research surveies, where the respondents might non be true and willing to corporate. Delayed aggregation of questionnaire can be a beginning of restriction to the survey, clip restraints as to the deadline for the entry of the research work. Despite these challenges attempt will be made to carryout a thorough probe on the research work.


Chapter One: This chapter would present the research and the background to the survey the intent and significance of the survey, research statements, analyses of the job, relevant research inquiries and other related issues.Chapter Two: This chapter discusses the conceptual and theoretical overview of the survey.

It would reexamine the literature of assorted noteworthy bookmans on motive and productiveness.Chapter Three: The research design, description of the sample informations and methodological analysis of research will be explained in this chapter. It is a study of the principle for attack to analyses of the sample informations to enable us gets to the research findings.Chapter Four: This chapter gives a elaborate analysis of the sample informations with a position to proving the proffered research hypothesis for this survey. The analyses will be carried out on the research informations.

Chapter Five: This concluding chapter of the research survey would foreground the major findings of the survey. This will take to possible illations on the deduction of the findings.


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