I Want to Talk About My Future Essay

My name is Jane. I want to talk about my future. Now I am a senior in Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages. My major is Japanese and minor is English. I have studied Japanese for 6 years. I don’t know what to do at first place even I have learned Japanese for so long time. I thought I would not have a specific purpose till I graduate.

But later, I decided to be an interpreter after I have some working experience as an interpreter through my college. I’m inspired by these experiences and I found I’m really interested in doing the kind of this job.So now I’m towards to be an respectful interpreter. As a languages learner, I’m very interested in foreign country. I desire to see and know more the history of other countries. And my dream is traveling around the world.

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Originally, I was planning to go to attend the plan of working and holidays right after I graduate. But as I talked, inspired by working experience, I made a different call that I would go to work first if I get any chance to do the job related of Japanese.Then I plan to work and save some money and use those savings to go to travel around the world. This is my plan: To work for 2-3 years, I would quit my job and go to travel. I know it sounds crazy and so changeable. But I don’t want my life will just be filled by school and work.

The world is so wild and charming for me. I want to collect a lot of beautiful views through my life. I would come back to my hometown, Taiwan, after realize my dream. Then I will go back to workplace again.About which city I want to stay, I think because Kaoushiung is the first city I live independently without my family and I totally got used to live in Kaoshiung.. I like this city very much, so I think I would just go back and stay in there. My brother’s also living in Kaoshiung now, by the way, he is there for the same reason that because had lived in Kaoshiung for 4 years college life.

I think if I moved into Kaoshiung, we can take care of each other. Sometimes we can go back to our hometown, changhua, or my family in changhua can come to visit us from time to time.I guess I would just like most people, work and save money to buy a car, a home… etc.

But I wish my life would be fulfilled by a lot thing of entertainment. I imagine that I cook often by myself instead of eating out. When I get spare time, I may go to coffee shop or book stores or cinema.

And I want to share things happened in life with my good friends. Last but most important point is I have to remind myself every moment that not to be chased by lots stuffs in life.Life is always having something to keep you busy. But I believe I could handle it well even I am in the middle of it.

Last part, I want to write about marriage. Simply, I wish I would marry to someone who really loves me and he is the one I love. We love and take care of each other. And we make life more wonderful because of each other. Above are simple thoughts about my future. I know things change fast then plan always. But I would correct it properly as life give me surprise!


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