I the slum kids on personnel hygiene

I have spent my entire childhood in the military cultivated environment andhave a deep passion, to serve the society. This has been imbibed in me byobserving my dad’s commitment towards his duty, who is now a retired officerof the Indian army.

So the virtues of service before self, perseverance,dedication, sacrifice, all run in my family and I am a living embodiment of thesame. This, in turn, has made me more hardworking and focused towards mygoals. I also have an inborn drive to serve society in whichever field I choose towork.In my high school, I have been an active student. I take initiative in all thecommunity programs that my college is a part of – for example, I am activelyinvolved in” Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” – an initiative taken by our prime ministerto help make India a cleaner and greener place. This is a form of social servicein which the youth of the neighbourhood gather during weekends and activelyparticipate in cleaning their neighbourhood. At times I make power pointpresentations, to educate the slum kids on personnel hygiene and theimportance of clean surroundings towards a healthier life.

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I participate in manysuch drives, especially during the rainy season. These still remain serious issues in many parts of my country India. Also me and a few of my friends make time and play soccer with the downtrodden kids in ourneighborhood to motivate them and at times make time to help them with theiracademics. It was during these interactions with the less fortunate of thesociety, I learnt to value, what I have being blessed with, in life – a family, agood school with great mentors, good three meals a day and the freedom topursue my hobbies and dreams.

Many children in my neighborhood, in Indiaare deprived of these basic requirements of food, education and childhood. Allthis has moulded me into a more sensitive and compassionate person.All the things listed above has ignited a fire in me to do my best to the society I live in. I sincerely believe, being a RA will give me ample opportunity to serve the community I am a part of.Along with my soft skills, my skills in the CS field ( maintaining a database of various parameters of  students and the community) will help me in effectively handling the role of a RA and discharging my duties.


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