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I am here to speak about the only issue that needs to be brought to point, Climate Change. The climate is changing at catastrophic rates and the government is putting it on the back burner when it should be the main focus.

Our man made greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, are putting a strain in the Earth. The greenhouse gases are affecting both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, causing ozone layer depletion and sea level rise. Climate change is affecting both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems by changing the organisms and the food chains within. Global climate change states that, “Human activities, such as agriculture and urbanization, are increasingly destroying Earth’s natural habitats, and frequently block plants and animals from successfully migrating” (NASA). They state that human activities and our evolution as a species is affecting the world that we live on, and affecting the natural balance of it’s ecosystems. This is unacceptable because with the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by the human activities, it is not only affecting ecosystems, it is causing the depletion of the ozone layer as well. The ozone layer is a shield around the Earth that protects from ultraviolet radiation, and there is a hole in it. Ozone layer depletion is mainly due to the Chlorofluorocarbons and halogenated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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These carbons are caused by chemicals found in aerosol cans, such as hairspray that most women use daily (National Geographic). These carbons and chemicals when released into the atmosphere are broken down into chemicals such as chlorine that reacts with the oxygen, ripping apart the ozone. Also with the depleting ozone layer, comes rising sea levels due to melting land ice because of the lack of radiation protection. This land ice includes mountain glaciers and ice sheets around Greenland and Antarctica. The ice reflects the sun’s rays, so when it melts the water absorbs the rays causing the Earth and oceans to warm causing more ice to melt (Yale Climate Connections). This is going in a constant loop that cannot be stopped. It will continue to affect the ice causing loss of fresh drinking water for the growing population on Earth.

Most politicians, such as Donald Trump will deny that the Earth’s climate is changing, they will say it is just “Fake news”. But it is real and it is happening. And by the time your children are on this planet, there will not be one. We as a species have destroyed the only place we have to live and now the generations to come will have to suffer the consequences of our poor actions. Wake up, this is not our planet, this is our children’s planet.


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