I organic celery and Canada don’t have

            I have gone throughsome geography background of fifteen specific products from under threedifferent categories by visiting my local food basics. My first category isfruit and vegetable and I do have five products under this category such asapple, organic celery, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. Aside from apple,all four products were imported from the countries located south of Canada. Asyou can see from the field data collection table, organic celery came from SanJuan Bautista, California, USA, raspberry and strawberry came from Mexico andblueberry came from Chile. It’s because the average weather condition in thosecountries are 15’C-30’C which is required temperature to grow or plantstrawberry, raspberry, blueberry and organic celery and Canada don’t have thattype of right now but opposite. Since these products are perishable, lightweight, small size and highly demanded all year long, they are usually exportedby air from their countries. Last and least, the apples I saw at my localgrocery store are from Toronto.

  Althoughapple is popular fruit during fall harvest season like other four products,apple can be stored for long with modern technology and science, so we canenjoy them during winter.            Secondly, I have canola oil,vegetable oil, herb and parmesan crust, bread crumb and white vinegar undercooking oils and vinegar. Aside from bread crumb, all other four products arelocally produced. We get all these ingredients locally and they can be storedfor a long time which give us a chance to produce them locally and directlydistribute them to the local grocery stores. I think another reason is becausewe want to use our modern technology and science, help employments by givingunemployed people the chance to work at those factories and the weathercondition does not play a role here. Moreover, it is also cheaper to producethem locally than importing from other counties because we save transportationand importing fees.

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For bread crumb, it’s imported from USA. For example,American Breadcrumb Company, the biggest bread crumb company, located in USA,has been producing and selling breadcrumb way before Canadian people startedusing the bread crumb. As a result, we still don’t have the bread crumb factorylocally and we end up importing from USA by road (rail, car) because it is notas perishable as fruits and weight heavier than fruits.            Thirdly, I have Strawberry withraspberry & plum Jam, spread cheese, peanut butter, Artichoke Heart in Canand tomato pasta sauce in can under jarred and canned preserves, vegetable andsauces. I have artichoke heart in can that came from Spain. Spanish people loveartichoke and put it in many recipes. As there are more and more peopleimmigrated to Canada, Spain think it’s smart to export artichoke products to Canada;artichoke heart in can is one of those products.

Artichoke heart in can isimported by air or ship depending on the product company because the productitself is light weight, long-last and not very perishable. Four all other four,they are locally produced. We may have to get some of the ingredients fromdifferent part of the country; however, we end up producing them locally.

As Imentioned above, producing strawberry with raspberry & plum Jam, spreadcheese, peanut butter and tomato pasta sauce in can in local factories helpCanada government a bit by resulting less unemployed people because unemployedpeople can now work at those factories. Moreover, we also want young peoplefrom local to show their skills of modern technology and science in producingthese products.                                It is January and very cold. Yes,there is one product from my fifteen-chosen product locally grown. One productthat is grown locally and available now is apple. Apple is popular during fallharvest season like all other fruits. But apples can be stored for long andstay as fresh as before with modern technology and science.

There would be somehuge changes in the availability of products in my local store if importedfoods were not available. For example, Canada is known to have very coldweather during winter and opposite during summer. Unlike other south Americanand southern part of North America countries, Canada do not have hot weatherall year long resulting as not being able to grow many plants and fruitswhenever we want to. Therefore, the biggest change would be availability of theplant and fruit. We would only have very selected number of plants and fruitsthat are able to be grown Canada cold weather or stored for long. 


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