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I, Gurpreet Singh, have been enrolling for ‘Master of Project Management’ to continue my further study. Since from childhood, I always had a curiosity in the technical side of things.  To fulfill my specialty, I have done my graduation course in Bachelor of Technology from one of the prominent university of my region, Chandigarh University with great passion and exertion.For enhancing my horizon of learning and affection towards projects in civil sector, I feel that pursuing higher education in project management which is closely related to the stuff that I have studied in my previous study, become relevant as it binds my capability and illumination together. In modern era where there is an immense demand of management skills, the deliberation of this program has turned out to be important. As we know, at present time, starting from running a small shop to a bigger company, the significant amount of execution mechanism is required to work.

Thus, it emerges as an essential factor to be up-to-date with to accomplish the requirements of administration in today’s world. Furthermore, my under-graduation in engineering assists me to learn about basic criteria & well discovered phenomena behind construction projects. The project work completed by me in the final year during on-site training not only improved my problem handling & analytical skills but also imparted me to operate various development projects. “Success is a function of Courage, Resilience, Perseverance and Patience” – AnonymousMy accident back in 2010 is a great example of the above quote where I suffered from frontal contusion injury , due to which i was unable to continue my study till 2013 as per the doctor’s  advice but still the passion to impact lives with my work helped me overcome the adversities and got me working.

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 Right strategy to achieve anything consistently guides the right way to any person to move forward. For post-graduation in project management, Australia is the best place for students to study due to its highly grade & standardized education system as compared to other locations. Since Central Queensland University in Queensland has been known for its well-built structure which is helpful for students to put their knowledge into practice.

Along with this, the university has a proficient faculty, excellent provinces and most importantly, a friendly & soothing environment for international students. Besides, guidance from my lecturers and advice from seniors have influenced me to seek admission in this renowned university.I am confident that the chosen course is true for me to explore my idea and shape my career. It will provide me an opportunity to study and applied my skills with students from different nations. On the top of above, after completing this, it will furnish me a chance to regulate various construction projects for underdeveloped & developing countries like India. 


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