I Love You Beth Cooper Essay

I Love You, Beth Cooper The Banned Book ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ should be banned for explicit language and sexual content. Kids should not be reading such explicit books in a public or school library because it is very inappropriate. The book’s author, Larry Doyle, tells a story about a young boy in love with the most popular girl in school. On graduation night, a lot goes wrong. While Doyle tells his story, he doesn’t leave ANY details out, even the one’s with language.

Doyle doesn’t hesitate using swear words such as “Jesus Fuck! (134) and “Fuck that Kevin” (211). Public and school libraries shouldn’t promote or even have this book in stock. Even though the book contains ‘high school content’, it isn’t appropriate for most high schoolers.

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Even I felt uncomfortable while reading the book. This book should be banned because we shouldn’t advise any children to read this book, especially if they are not in high school. Students should not be encouraged to read books teaching them the bad things about high school and not informing them about the good things.

If kids are younger than 16, they should not be allowed to read this book because kids now a days learn from books, tv , movies and the internet. They will Knetsch 2 read with Doyle has written and think it is the right way to go, and it isn’t. This is one reason why ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ should be banned. Another major reason why this book should be banned is because of its sexual content. Doyle uses a lot of visualizing when he discusses high school topics like sex. For instance, Doyle uses provoking words and phrases such as “I’ll touch your dick. (114).

Now, obviously high school students know about this sort of topic, but that doesn’t mean it should be encouraged. When teenagers read this book, they might think to themselves ‘Is this the way a highschooler should be acting? ’ And they might answer yes. So as you can see, this book should definitely be banned in schools and public libraries. When parents think about what books their children are reading at school, they shouldn’t have to worry about their sons/daughters picking up a racy book and reading it.

Libraries should be a place where people can go to get good books, learn things and read. It shouldn’t be a place where kids can read about sex and learn new curse words. Even though I enjoyed reading ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’, it does not belong in libraries and should be banned. The explicit language and sexual content does not belong on book shelves, and it should stay that way. Larry Doyle did a wonderful job writing this book, but it should not be allowed in public school’s libraries.


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