I Kissed Dating Goodbye Essay

Anna’s story was heartbreaking. I felt pity on her. It’s unbearable to hear David say “Everything that’s left is yours. ” I can feel Anna’s pain. If ever someone would tell me those words, I think I’ll cry a river.

On the other hand, it’s a warning and a lesson to each and every one of us. We should not engage ourselves to short-term relationships. If ever we’ll have a relationship, we should be serious. We should not always give our heart away. We should use our brain of the right things to do.

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And at our age, we should know our priorities and it’s not relationships yet. Imagine how many more relationships you’ll have before you’ll settle into marriage. Is there anything left in there for your future husband/wife? Being in high school is the happiest stage of our life. We got to learn new things. They say, and I also say, it’s the time we experience their so called “first love”. But I’ve realized this shouldn’t be. We are still young.

I am still young. We should enjoy our teen life with our friends and God.But if we talk about reality, I can say it’s not happening.

A lot of my friends got the same experience as Joshua about breaking up and relationships. And I agree on him. It’s not really love that they feel or we feel. It’s just infatuation. No real love at all.

So I think our attitude towards love and relationships are wrong. The way we feel about breaking up like it’s the end of our world. Not true. But I admit I was kind of like that also before. I use to cry a lot.

It’s like a part of me was taken away.But I’ve realized I’ve been a jerk feeling that way. Instead of crying I should have used those times to serve God. After all, He is the one that gave me this life. It’s right to offer it also to him. Because He is the one who truly loves us. And we should love him more than anyone.

He has the right and real love. God wants us to know the true meaning of love through His words. He wants us to experience the love that wouldn’t hurt us.

We should learn to love appropriately.We should use our head to test if our feelings are truly love or just merely lust. Another point that Joshua is right about me, I always allows my emotions to control me. It carries me away. But upon reading this book, I’ve realized I was wrong.

I need to be smart enough to know what is good and evil. I should know how to use my head. If not, it may lead to something bad. For us to truly understand the true meaning of love, we should put serving God as our main priority in life.


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