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I have always been interested in finding out about theworld outside Singapore, learning about the different cultures and how life islike outside Singapore. Pursing the Diploma in International Business was oneof the steps I took in order to learn more about how the businesses and eventsoccurring outside Singapore is affecting our country. Despite not enjoyingplane flights, I absolutely adore being overseas and getting to know more aboutthe different countries and people there. It is intriguing to know what it islike for some people to work in a certain place, or another who has worked inseveral countries before. I have gotten the opportunity to talk to several ofsuch people before and it truly is eye-opening to see how knowledgeable andexperienced they are in such areas.

I am a person who does not enjoy takingmuch risks, but I love to learn new things and gain more experience in lifewhile further improving myself. I am an introvert, but when the situation callsfor it, I am able to speak to others easily.  I am very interested in dancing and doingcharity work. I have been dancing for five years and I do it as a hobby. I amnot very good at it but it helps me relieve stress that tends to build upduring school time.

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I think that doing charity work helps me learn a lot ofthings and it also made me more sensitive to others when I am doing something.Empathy is something I definitely learnt after taking part in several charityevents. I am someone who procrastinates a lot but am able to focus well once Istart doing something. I prefer doing minimal work and achieving a good resultthrough that. I believe that life is so much more than just studying, thus I donot spend most of my time studying as I do not think that studying extremelyhard is worth placing a pause on other aspects of my life. I hope that I canbecome more aware of the on-goings in the world after studying in InternationalBusiness. CPP module has encouraged me to start finding out more about myselfand think about what I would like to do in the future.

I do have some doubtsabout what I would like to become in the future but I believe that this is allpart and parcel in life as who knows what is going to happen in a few months,let alone, years, time. However, I have managed to narrow down to a few jobsthat I am interested in doing.  I am interested in becoming a Business Analyst in theengineering sector. According to the Villanova University, the role of theBusiness Analyst includes helping businesses implement solutions in the bestway to save money. This is achieved by setting the requirements of a project orprogram. They also act as the interface between users and the project manager.These would aid the organization in achieving goals in the ever-changing marketthrough projects that produces goods and services to fulfill consumers’ wantsand needs. One of the important skills a Business Analyst needs to have isrequirement management.

They often have to take up the role of a leader whenaiding with the business case, planning and monitoring, requirementsorganization and requirements analysis. Using these requirements, businessanalysts would be able to gather information, process documents and confirm thefinal documents with the users. A business analyst has to have at least abachelor’s degree in most situations but exceptions are made for some cases. Businessanalysis programs are not available in many places, thus many people wouldchoose to earn degrees in related fields. Business analysts have to masterwritten and verbal communication in order to hold meetings and presentations thatare definitely required in their job. They also have to be able to record downthe process to getting to their goal as well as the results at the end.

They wouldbe the ones who are managing the projects, thinking up the plans as well as monitoringthe progress. Not only that, business analysts have to know how to evaluatebusiness processes and observe for areas of improvement. With the help of theJob Street website, there is a Business Analyst job posting for a MarineShipping company which is a MNC located in central Singapore. The jobdescription shows that the business analyst is responsible for monitoringfinancial planning and performance, raising financial matters directly to theManagers or Director as required and act as the communicator between the Teamhe or she is in charge of and the Finance and Accounting (F&A) department.

I am interested in this job as I think that it is interesting to study acompanies’ finances, finding a way to improve the way a project is implementedand how money is spent. It would include helping to find the best way to minimizelosses. I think that the feeling of helping in a project and seeing how itaffects the company overall would be very fulfilling.

 In International Business, we have to take the modulesBusiness Communication one, two and three and these modules will aid in theimprovement of my presentation skills and critical thinking skills. These wouldhelp me when having to communicate and present my ideas and the progress ofprojects that I would be taking up when I am doing this job. Besides that,critical thinking will be required when I meet any problems while overseeingand assisting in projects while dealing with the finance.

I am currently takingFrench as well as this may be essential in some cases when the company whichemployed me are looking to expand overseas and require some market research tobe done. Cost and Managerial Accounting, and International Human CapitalManagement would be useful in my future job as well. These modules will teachme how to manage and work with my future team. Not only that, I will be able tosort out accounts with the knowledge these modules will impart to me. Not onlythat, the International Marketing can help me know more about marketingstrategies in the world. In return, I would know more about the different waysto save money whilst advertising for the company I will work for in the future.International Purchasing is another way that I will be able to help the companyI am working for in the future create cost-effective way to carry out theirprojects.

The modules above would help me improve my adaptability due to allthe projects we have done in the various modules. This is because the variousprojects would allow me to work with different types of people and know how todeal with different obstacles that may appear. Through the many modules I willbe taking and have taken, I will be able to learn a lot about necessaryknowledge required in business. These includes accounting, taxation, servicequality as well as knowing how to do quantitative analysis. Global awareness isanother important and useful skill that would be imparted to me from themodules.

With this, I will be able to work in more MNCs after gaining experience.I am certain that the six-month internship in Year 3 would be able to teach mea lot of real world problems and solutions. This experience is definitely one Iwould not want to miss. I am currently in the CCA D3 Contemporary Dance Club and itteaches me how to stay determined even when the journey is tough. It alsotaught me how to compromise and be patient, learning to adapt to differentsituations and cooperate with people who have a personality which I might nothave been able to work well with. The School of BA has also presented variouschances for me to improve myself and develop my skills.

An example would be themany projects and presentations we have to do. Through the numerous projectsand presentations, I am slowly but steadily gaining more experience anddeveloping my teamwork skills. They have also improved my observation skillsand critical thinking skills where I am able to make better decisions insituations that require quick decisions to be made. Other than that, I havetaken part in many charity events which allows me to be exposed to manydifferent types of people. Thus, it enabled me to be able to work better withmore people since I have already experienced what it would be like working withsimilar types of people.

My communication skills have also improved throughthese events and my dance performances as such events would require goodcommunication skills and organization. I believe that the OIP program that theschool offers would also be helpful for me to improve my knowledge of the worldand learn to step out of my comfort zone and try to communicate with peopledespite cultural differences and language barriers. Although there isdefinitely room for improvement, my CCA and events that I had taken part in outof school has helped me improved various skills and allowed me to gain a fewexperiences that may be useful in the future. There are two paths that I am looking into currently. Theyare to go to a local university and during that period, I may or may not chooseto work part-time.

The local universities I am interested in are NanyangTechnological University (NTU) as well as Singapore Management University(SMU). I am looking into the Bachelor of Business and Master of Science inFinancial Engineering program in NTU. It has a multi-disciplinary curriculumwhereby various disciplines such as mathematics, business, and computer scienceare all merged into one curriculum. This course will allow me to graduate witha Bachelor degree in Business as well as a Master’s degree in four years. Thestudents in this course are expected to choose a specialization amongst fouroptions after their first year.

In order to take part in the MFE program,students will have to attain minimum GPA of 4.0 in their bachelors of Business orAccountancy. I would need a minimum GPA of 3.75 in Ngee Ann Polytechnic inorder to get into this course. As for SMU, I am interested in their Bachelor ofBusiness Management program.

This program would help students get better globalexposure and have extensive networking. The minimum grade that I would have toachieve by the end of Year 3 is 3.70 for my GPA and the number of course placesin the previous year was 764 for the Bachelor of Business Management. The reasonbehind why I chose these two options were because SMU provides a lot ofout-of-classroom experiences and I would also like to learn more on how to use technologyto calculated and analyze finances.References:Bisk. Business Analyst Job Description.

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