I is so different to European languages

I consider Japanese to be a crucial language for me to learn due to the great business opportunities but a chance to see inside the unique culture and really understand the society.

Speaking Japanese will be very beneficial for working or doing business in Japan.¬† I’m currently studying Japanese for my foundation course. I am fascinated learning the language as its challenging because that its character-based and is so different to European languages that I have learnt before. Having travelled to Japan and staying with a Japanese family and really seeing the non-tourist side to Japan.

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Experiencing how respectful the people and feel welcomed. It really secured my passion to study Japanese at higher education. The Japanese economy is interesting for me as it’s a very prosperous country and efficiently runs the biggest companies in the world even though it’s a highly populated country with little natural resources.

Intriguing me about how they innovated to become so successful. Business is a progressive, reliant and ever evolving subject. This is the reason why I chose this topic as part of my degree because I want to expand my knowledge on this subject and learn as much as I can. It’s a relevant topic which can be applied to all things in our world and can help improve and develop the world. I’m passionate about the subject because I truly believe it’s important for our future.

The A-level has taught me an array of transferable and personal skills that not only make me employable but investable. For example, comprehending business behaviours and how organisations work. It’s a versatile subject which dominates the world we live in. I have taken part in business competitions with companies like Subway and Coca-Cola; it inspired me to improve my expertise about multinational corporations. Also, my natural business inquisition helps me to improve my business ability. A joint honours degree appeals to me a lot because it will give me a wider skill set and more options for employment when I graduate.

The chance to explore two subjects is a fantastic opportunity as Japanese and Business work together well. Watching documentaries about Japanese business culture as well more in-depth ones about companies like Toyota. Inspired me to do a course which would aid my working future. Through work experience and Duke of Edinburgh, I have gained many skills.

In Duke of Edinburgh, I utilised my map reading ability to guide my team well and I made sure we had all our equipment; I was a good communicator and had to be diplomatic in sorting out who had to carry what equipment. I am very versatile; I can work independently and in groups. On French exchange, I learnt to be adaptable to different situations. Like learning how to communicate without being fluent in French and how to accustom me to another way of life.

For my work experience week, I worked at Marks and Spenser’s improving my time management skills, broadening my responsibilities and I learnt how to interact with a diverse range of people. Being brought up as an only child my parents always treated me as an adult and encouraged me to think for myself and strive to be independent. In my spare time, I enjoy being sociable with friends going to the cinema, gigs and trying out new cuisines. On the other hand, I enjoy spending time alone listening to music, watching documentaries about interesting topics. I see myself going to university as I believe education is one of the most important things in our life and I have always strived to pursue formal education until the end.


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