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I belong to a community which equally emphasized learningand its application in day-to-day lives. Growing up, physics and mathematicsbecame my favourite subjects and I naturally gravitated towards engineeringdegree for my first step towards corporate world. Qualifying IITJEE was itselfa challenge and successfully scaled. The whole journey imparted time managementskills, the ability to handle failure and success and learn from mistakes. My graduation in Petroleum Engineering from Indian School ofMines proved to be a brilliant learning platform for me and gave me anopportunity to rub shoulders with the best brains of country.

It provided me asolid foundation for developing my analytical and logical skills, somethingthat is prerequisite for any good manager. Throughout the undergrad, I activelybuilt my industry knowledge through involvement in Society for PetroleumEngineers (SPE). I had the opportunity to test and validate my technicalknowledge through industry training programs at ONGC Mehsana asset and OilIndia Limited DuliajanWith a goal to pursue both technical and managerialresponsibilities, I joined the Energy Services division at Wipro Technologiesin Consulting Stream. Though the primary role involved domain differentiatedsoftware testing, I have had the opportunity to serve as a liaison between coreproduct development teams and our energy clients. I used my technical skills inoil exploration and production sector, along with quantitative andcommunication skills to understand client requirements, and design technicalsolutions for the clients as and when required. Being tagged with two projectssimultaneously I have learnt how to intricately balance my time and commitmentsbetween different stake holders in an organisation and the importance ofcommunication.

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Working on agile model helped me understand that how we need tobe nimble on our feet and be responsive to changes of outside world.By pursuing an MBA at this point of my career I am takingthe next big step to push myself higher on the management chain and furtherhoning my skills in this direction. It would help me understand the businessand work more effectively in corporate. My Oil and Gas Industry knowledge as wellas IT consulting experience could add new diversity and enrich the experienceof peer group.

While bringing all of this on the table, I will simultaneouslybe exposed to equally competent peer group which will provide me a fantasticlearning environment where I help drive the institute towards new realms ofsuccess.


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