Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary I degree in Industrial Engineering beginning from

I degree in Industrial Engineering beginning from

I graduated from
Covenant University in summer 2016 and was deployed to serve my Nation under
the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) as a high school tutor in the capacity
of a computer class tutor. During the process, I decided to return to the
academics and seek a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering beginning from
fall 2018. My interest in reducing cost, all round wastage and increasing
performance was triggered by the problems I saw in my environment growing up.


I studied
Computer Engineering in college because of my interest in computer hardware. I
learned how to network systems and build them to perform better without
compromising on the energy and heat dissipation efficiency. For me, the key was
optimization, finding the balance between performance and cost. My graduate
research in college was on increasing security and reducing risk with respect to
access control. I chose this research area at that time because of the security
threat caused by Boko-haram in the country, and I also wanted to work on both
the software and hardware component of a device. After I researched on existing
access control systems, I proceeded to use Proteus 8 and Arduino
microcontroller to design and implement a door system which used a Radio-Frequency
Identification (RFID) card reader and keypad for access.

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Upon graduating
from college and embarking on the tutoring job, I had to commute to work using
the public transport system. I came to the realization of a very big problem
while spending over an hour to get to my place of work, which was less than 5
miles away, on a busy Monday morning. I noticed that we had to wait for a
longer period on queues to get into the buses that were going towards my
destination while buses going to other direction had fewer people to attend to.
This to me seemed like an assignment problem because we had an approximately
equal number of buses assigned to each route and on a busy Monday morning, I
thought that if we had more busses assigned to my route this would ease up the
traffic and reduce the waiting period for the passengers.


Thinking on this
problem gave me a clearer focus on what I would love to research on for my
Masters degree. I want to help improve the quality of human life by reducing
the wait time and queuing time in almost any system. I believe the outcome of
this helps both the business owners in maximizing their quality of service and
reducing capital costs while this also makes happier customers and healthier
customers. This is why I pivoted to embark on my Masters degree in Industrial


I chose Texas
A&M University, Kingsville to further my education because of the well-equipped
laboratories for intensive research purpose, the method of teaching, the conducive
environment available for student to thrive healthily. I’m interested in the
research carried out by DR Joon-Yeoul Oh on wireless telecommunication network
expansion and optimization, based on his publication on Mobile Application for
Healthcare Systems – Location based. During the course of my graduate study, I
hope to improve my knowledge of data analysis, simulation and network optimization
as well as on supply chain management. I would contribute to the department by
carrying out researches for faculty as a research assistant and I would love to
have a publication by the time I graduate from the program.


graduation, I would love to utilize my skills and knowledge in coming up with a
creative solution to improve the waiting time in the transportation, health and
process industry in Nigeria.  Studying at
Texas A University would be a step closer to actualizing my goal.