I career in the field of fashion.

I believe that Fashion is one among many ways a person can express himself/herself. My interest in Fashion is derived from a number of factors. Ever since I was about 10 years of age, something about fashion captivated and motivated me. I began sketching my ideas of designs onto paper which I later realised I had an innate talent of an artist. Ever since that epiphany dawned on me, I had a strong desire to learn more in this field. As I was growing up, I had a good sense of fashion and would advice others around me for the same. This culminated in my decision to pursue a career in the field of fashion. After Pre University, I studied at Chitrakala Parishat College of Fine arts in Bangalore where I finished my foundation course in arts and later studied design in Raffles.

Acquiring enough knowledge in marketing and design during my course, I understood that a career in marketing would be more fit and thus grew my interest. While I was studying design, having inspired and engrossed, I sought to learn more on marketing from an online course provided by Wharton University of Pennsylvania. I’ve also learned about consumer trends, branding in marketing and learned about balance sheets and budgeting ; an essential knowledge for working as a buyer or a merchandiser in fashion.During my tenure at Raffles, I was given a number of assignments in fashion marketing and excelled in brand management where I scored the highest in my class. In one of my assignments, I created a jewellery brand called “Sillage” and developed the prototype of the jewellery with the help from the product design department.

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Sillage was a fictional subsidiary brand of Swarovski which had a dual purpose for the jewellery, it carried perfume. In fashion communication, I was given an assignment to promote and launch a skin care brand. I created a brand that was organic and made of natural ingredients which I called Floressence. In my final project for design, I created a ready to wear collection for women with The Evil Eye as my inspiration. Due to budget cuts, hiring models and photographers was barely affordable, hence I did the photoshoot myself. Modelling for a group project was also a part of my academic venture. These were a some of my best works that were included in my portfolio along with watercolour illustrations I painted by hand that secured me an internship with Dressebelle, Singapore’s leading fashion clothing brand.

 As an internee, I was fortunate to work directly under the creative director and co-ordinated with her for Winter collection 2017. Most of my prints were used in Dressabelle’s winter collection. I mostly worked on making prints from scratch and designing for women’s wear. However, these weren’t my only responsibilities ; preparing stye sheets for the factories, research designers, fabrics and the latest fashion trends, photoshoots, styling, watercolour illustrations ; rather, to me,  most important of all is to have a good taste and to understand what customers want. This gave me an insight of how a fashion company functions inside out and my overall outcome was very successful because of the positive feedback I received from my superiors which I attribute to my dedication and a yearning to learn. The experience in the company was tremendously instructive and enriched my organisational skills, communication skills, teamwork and co-ordination, time-management, adapting to different cultures which are crucial and were some of the qualities that i acquired and improved on.

Perhaps, an approach to applying what I had learnt in class to a much more practical perspective and the personal interaction it involves, stimulated and instilled in me a passion to pursue marketingWhile in school, I have won the second and third place in skating for my state. I was the captain of yoga class in middle school and was often appointed to decorate and produce artworks that were necessary during school and college festivals. I also took part in an organisation called conserve my campus that educated us about protecting and saving the environment. I actively took part in sports and competitions in school and cultural fests in college.

During my summers in pre university, I learnt soap making and began making hand made soaps and scrubs that came in different designs, flavours, scents and skincare benefits for men and women . I also made designs incorporating my customers tastes for special occasions and customisations. I also helped event planning and organising a concert by Sean Paul held in bangalore and during one summer. Photography has been my most recent hobby since the last two years.In retrospect, I think fashion marketing was tailored to my taste more than design. With my college shutting down abruptly, I thought it would be prudent to use this opportunity to make the best of the worst situation by applying to your program. I believe that I have a natural talent for marketing with my inherent creativity that would be helpful in today’s globalised world.

As a former design student, I’m very interested to explore the realms of wearable technology which is prevalent today and sustainable fashion which is the future of fashion as I believe.


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