Hurricane Versus Tornado Essay

Hurricanes and tornadoes are considered to be natural storms that develop do to the atmosphere change, however, each type of storm is a disaster and devastation claiming many lives among family and friends each year. One storm comes from in the water, the second type is from the air. Aside from where they come from, each type of storm is devastation to several individuals from enormous amounts of damage each can cause to someone’s lifestyle or homestead. Knowing the differences and similarities of both need to be understood better among everyone.

Determining factors whether a severe storm is either a hurricane or tornado include their types of formulation, types of severe weather they create, and types of damage. A difference among a hurricane or tornado would be where and how their formulation develops. Hurricanes are one severe storm that forms over water. Meaning, hurricanes are formed off seas. In order for a hurricane to form, the temperature of the water must be warm in order for a storm to formulate. Whereas, a tornado is another severe storm that the formulation is completely different.Tornadoes are formulated over land. Tornadoes develope, by connection of high and low pressure systems.

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Therefore, with saying high and low pressure connecting, for example would be, warm air coming from the West and the cold air coming from the East would be connecting. Thus, hurricanes and tornadoes have different ways for formulating. With knowing all too well, hurricanes and tornadoes can create severe weather to occur from either one. Hurricanes and tornadoes have some similarities regarding types of weather they create.Both are violent storms, which create strong, heavy, damaging winds.

Both create intense low pressure. Both storms rotate counter clock wise in the northern hemisphere. Both storms also rotate clock wise in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, both hurricanes and tornadoes also have differences as well. Examples of a difference with a hurricane would be, they are hundreds of miles wide, no less than 60 miles.

Hurricanes are storms that develop on water if temperature of the water is warm. Examples of a difference with a tornado rom a hurricane is, tornadoes average 150 feet wide and usually 2. 5 miles at most. Tornadoes are formed through the air, not warm water. Third, tornadoes form a funnel type cloud that can be extremely strong and overbearing.

Tornadoes that has been seen on television seem destructive, however, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania is one area that someone like myself lives, has had the chance to witness a tornado move through our area in June of 1998. Now same location has been hit with destruction with a hurricane in the year of 2012.With a such storms in such locations, besides this one, is not at all one would like to see.

Not to mention both destroying an area you live in several years apart from each. Tornadoes have a sound as if a train is coming through, yet the sound is ungodly. Their sound is like a massive destruction headed your way, yet knowing it could be the sound of a train is frightening when heard. Tornadoes in my opinion is more destructive then a hurricane. The reason for this statement is, seeing both occur in our area, with my own eyes, the tornado was the most destructive one between them both.

Example: tornado of 1998, whipped out an entire Lake well known to my area, and the doctor mansion homes on this nearby lake was leveled to the ground. Not to mention, water in the lake was washed up with the funnel cloud and never seen again. Major flooding and power outage, was just the major issue in our area from the hurricane. Nothing can every compare to what the tornado did to my area, yet it never become the same lake since.

Hurricanes and tornadoes cause damage to several areas, depending on how severe either one may become.Hurricanes are more known for cause of death and damage to property from flooding. Hurricanes produce heavy winds therefore can cause power outages throughout several areas.

Heavy wind damage can be seen from a hurricane by seeing buildings with windows blown out from their homes or business. Leaving scattered glass everywhere inside of buildings and the outside of the building. Heavy winds are known to blow lawn ornaments, lawn furniture, etc. across town if not brought into homes or at least tied down.

However, people are mostly affected by flooding that most hurricanes cause. How true this is, for several people, such as me, with severe flooding due to Sandy the monster hurricane that affected several lives. The effect one storm, such as a hurricane can cause is, tremendous flood damage to properties, causing individuals to lose their homes completely. Flood damage to the first floor of a home causes individuals with a huge cleanup process, along with personal property that may have been destroyed inside due to the flooding.Some items that may be destroyed in a home due to flooding can never be replaced. Tornadoes cause most damage and deaths through wind and airborne debris.

Tornadoes are visible by condensation funnel, which is not a feature of a hurricane. Hurricanes and tornadoes are both destructive types of storms. Never in a million years did most areas that were affected by hurricane Sandy, would even think such a storm so severe would ever be considered to destroy so many major cities, towns, or states.Who would ever believe West Virginia would ever receive such a snow accumulation due to a hurricane? Hurricane Sandy became one of the most destructive storms ever seen. Sandy the hurricane was formed over water, moved off coast lines, and became a hurricane that formed into a severe devastating hurricane for individuals that live know where near a hurricane zone. Hurricanes can cause in-land to receive after effects, such as rain, never pure destruction as seen with hurricane Sandy.

As it has been several years, if not ever to have been seen, this hurricane has become one of the most devastating storms in a Century for those who lived and survived such as storm type. For the area of my hometown, it was destruction, words can’t describe. Our home may have been flooded, out of power of days, yet I will have to say, the sound of that tornado, the devastation, destruction, disaster that this one tornado did in my home town, will be one that will forever be in our hearts and minds. It was one storm that will never be forgotten.

As I am sure others feel with Hurricane Sandy.


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