Hurricane Sandy: the Horror Story Essay

A hurricane is a type of severe tropical storm that forms in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This is the “scientific” meaning if we could state it that way, but for plebeians, a normal woking class it means being reclutantly taken away from home. This people that for what they have are left with zilch. This happens at least one a year for tropical countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico, for islands such as Cuba or the southern part of the United States such as Texas and Florida, but New York and New Jersey re really not prepared for thus type of cyclones. They suffered even more than what snow storms have made them suffere, this is the cruel horror story of hurricane Sandy.

After making a destructive path through the carribean sea Hurricane Sandy made landfall in southern New Jersey on Octuber 29, 2012 and brought with it major flooding, travel interruptions, structural damage, and power outages. New York City was especially hard hit. The storm system was so large, nearly 1,000 miles wide at times, it brought blizzard conditions to West Virginia and 20 foot waves to Lake Michigan.It is projected Sandy will have caused about $30 billion in damages in the United States. To date, the storm claimed more than 100 lives. Without being using rhetoric talking, Hurricane Sandy was rampant with the habitants of the East Coast of the United States. The pronouncement of the Hurricane getting t the East Coast was made October 24th when the Hurricane was still a category one in the Saffir-Simpson scale.

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The Saffir-Simpson scale is a standard scale for rating the severity of hurricanes as a measure of the damage they cause.This scale is based on the observations of many North Atlantic hurricanes. When Sandy hits New York and New Jersey it was at its zenith as a category 5 hurricane. It is considered The most devastating storm in decades to hit the most densely populated U. S. This whimsical storm had more than 8. 2 million households without power in 17 states as far west as Michigan, nearly 2 million of those were in New York. Lower Manhattan lost electricity and entire streets ended up under water, as did seven subway tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn at one point.

The New York Stock Exchange was closed for a second day from weather, the first time that has happened since a blizzard in 1888. The city’s subway system, the lifeblood of more than 5 million residents, was damaged like never before and closed indefinitely, and Consolidated Edison said electricity in and around New York could take a week to restore. The amount of disasters that were happening in a small amount of time seemed to be done by wizardry, the storm seemed vicious. A zephyre was desired, building and houses seemed ramshackle, and became quagmire, the United States east coast was catastrophic. Parents thought there yearlings would not survive, or like plants would have a perennial life.

People arround the world became zealots of the news to keep in touch of how the things were going, and some if their families were alive.One of the most dramatic tales comes from the lower Manhattan, where a failed backup generator forced New York University’s Tisch Hospital to relocate more than 200 patients, including 20 babies from neonatal intensive care. Dozens of ambulances lined up in the rainy night nd the tiny patients were gingerly moved out, some attached to battery- powered respirators as gusts of wind blew their blankets. Sandy killed 18 people in New York City. The dead included two who drowned in a home and one who was in bed when a tree fell on an apartment. A 23-year-old woman died after stepping into a puddle near a live electrical wire. In Moonachie, New Jersey and north of Manhattan, water rose to 5 feet or 1. 5 metres within 45 minutes and trapped residents who thought the worst of the storm had passed.

In the Midwest waves on southern LakeMichigan rose to a record-tying 20. 3 feet or 6. 1 metres. High winds spinning off Sandy’s edges clobbered the Cleveland area early Tuesday, uprooting trees, closing schools and flooding major roads along Lake Erie. Sandy began in the Atlantic and knocked around the Caribbean killing nearly 70 people and strengthened into a hurricane as it chugged acrosthe southeastern coast of the United States. With the weather systems it earned some nicknames like “superstorm” and, on Halloween eve, “Frankenstorm.

” October was a month of distruction and pain, till October 31st 2. million houses and businesses remaines wihtout power in New Jersey. Devastating two of the main cities in the United States, New Jersey and New York.

Leaving millions of quorums of people without power or communication for day. Destroying iconical places such as “The Shore” in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy is definetivley a Horror Story for the united states. Many see it as omens of the end of the world, for me it was Mother Nature giving us humans a lesson. This lesson was that we need to take care of the planet if not it will come back at us and not in the nices way


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