Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Humanities Essay

Humanities Essay

At its peak, the Roman Empire was the most powerful force in the world. However, by the 3rd century A.

D. , the Romans were on fast decline. This fast decline was caused by three drastic changes in their society. The three changes consisted of new leaders controlling the area, Rome becoming spilt up into two sections, and Christianity gaining all of religious control. .

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Along with these, other achievements were made. The spread of Roman law increased, as so did the trade on the Silk Road. Romans also built dams and drainage systems, as well as developing the arch and dome.

The decline is what made Rome so famous, however. If it weren’t for this rapid downfall of their society, Rome would not be remembered as the great nation as it is today. Once Roman culture was spread and became widely known, Rome’s Republic began to decline. The Roman Empire became larger and almost uncontrollable. More and more slaves were being introduced; therefore there were fewer jobs for the lower part of the social ladder, the Plebians.

Because of these slaves, the large gap between rich and poor people widened even more and many civil wars broke out about what is right and what is wrong.At this time, an emperor by the name of Diocletian took control of Rome. He set out to restore Rome itself by dividing it into two parts, East and West Rome. He, would control the wealthy, West side, personally, and the poverty-stricken, East side would be taken over by a co-emperor. During this time, Diocletian attempted to end Rome’s empire’s decay and establish fixed prices for goods and services. He made laws that forced farmers to work on special lands, for almost no money, and also required boys to follow his father’s occupation.By doing this, Diocletian imagined that there would be a steady production of food and other economic goods.

Unfortunately, Diocletian’s plans did not work out as planned, and Roman still steadily loss power. The strong belief in Christianity was also a reason the Roman Empire declined. People began to only focus on what the church believed in and what the church, rather than the Roman Republic, accepted. As the Christian church grew, both in strength and in influence, Roman power faded to practically nothing.However, once Rome fell, the Church gladly inherited many of Rome’s functions and preserved, as well as adapted and spread, Roman civilization, which soon became the roots of new Western civilizations. If it weren’t for Christianity, Rome’s customs may not have been told throughout time and may not have be practiced and still learned today. Corrupt Emperors, after Marcus Aurelius’ reign, also affected the Roman Empire’s decline.

Over a 50-year period, 26 emperors ruled over Rome, and only one of them died from natural causes.Not only was this unbelievable, but it also did not help Rome’s economy or political society at all. Leaders promoted high taxes that would eventually support the army. The bureaucracy also placed heavy burdens on business people, as well as farmers who worked for the nation, or wealthy landowners.

Soon, the government became more oppressive and evolved into an authoritarian form of government. This form of government meant that each and every person in the nation had to favor absolute obedience to authority, as against individual freedom.Coming after this was dramatic changes in slave labor. The reliance on slave labor discouraged Romans from exploring new technology, also. This left the Romans at the same technological age, with no achievements, for a very long period of time, until Rome lost all of its power. The worst part of the economy, however, was when Rome was split into East and West when it was under attack. There would be no possible way in winning the battle if Rome could never again become “one” with one another.

This attack was basically the true and main reason Rome completely declined when it did.The Roman Empire was once the most powerful force in the world. However, after their fast decline in the 3rd century A. D. , Rome was never again the brave, powerful, and almighty nation it was many years ago. For all we know, if it weren’t for problems with leaders, economical issues, and the beginning of Christianity, Rome might still be the most powerful nation in the world today.

Unfortunately, we will never know that because Rome fell and other nations finally gained the control of the world that would eventually shape out nations into what they are today.The Roman is one of the greatest Empire known in history, but what made the Empire so well is that the things in Rome that made the Roman Empire, such as the battle strategy of the roman Empire, the Politics, Education, and even the Entertainment in the Roman Empire. Most of the things we learn and do now in America now reflects alot in the Roman empire such as the Politics Senators and Football. One of the most known in Roman was their Politics/Governing as well as Education/Philosophy. Government and Politics are the heart of the Empire, ecause without governing, the empire or even a country would not even exist.

In the Government and Politics, they use somewhat parallel to the three branches in the American Governent, as well as Senators. It is one part of the reason why today the American government is working decent and following part of the Roman Politics and Government. The Romans also have Engineering, helps the Empire to build houses and places as well as things that helps for war.

Another that made the Roman Empire was the Army of the Roman Empire.What made them easily win in battles are the Strategy, Equipment/Soldier, and the Engineers. In the Roman Army, they use what its called Legions. As seen in the beginning of the movie Gladiator, the legions defeat the Barbarians easily. And the reason why the army was so effective because in battling strategy, they have good defence. They set up in rows and colums with large shields and heavy equipments to protect in anything and that made up the defence.

By thinking logically and strategy experience, if an army is able to defend well, then they really have a high chance of winning.The Barbarians might be strong but they do not have any much defence, so they die quicker than the Roman army. The Engineerings helps produce moveable tower siege and big catapult that helps them greatly for both defence and offence. They are like tanks that people use during World Wars in the Modern World. None others have even thouht about tanks durings that time. Another that made the Roman effectively are the trainnings that made Roman inconquerable are the Discipline, hard and efficient training, and Speed at which they learn new Tactics. The Last thing that made Roman Empire is the Entertainment.In order to have a good country or empire is the Entertainment, so that it could help the citizen have fun.

In general not many would like to live in a place without pleasure. Many things that are popular during the Empire such as Football, Collosseum, and Circus Maximus helps the citizen live in a happy life. Entertainment gives a part in the citizen to know what is good in Rome, and that they would have pride, happiness, and something to live for, in exchange for loyalty for Rome. Rome’s knowledge and belief, Solid armies to be able to conquer many places, and the entertainment helps Rome became a great Empire.Although, there are many other things that makes up the Roman Empire, but without these traits Rome would not be what they are in history.

The Roman Empire, before Christianity, was a polytheistic culture. There were many gods and goddesses that were worshiped for different reasons. Even small communities within the Roman Empire recognized their own deities along with the more popular gods and goddesses.

As time progressed, Roman Emperors were soon included with the polytheistic worship. Julius Caesar himself claimed to be a descendant of Venus, the sun god.Because Caesar was so popular, the idea of worshiping Emperors grew and was followed after his death. The Romans could worship Jupiter one day and Apollo the next with no conflict. The Romans felt, just as most followers of any religion, that by worshiping the gods and goddesses they kept threats at bay; such as natural disasters, a harvest from failing, famine, or a widespread sickness. They worshiped to prevent bad things from happening, so in essence they worshiped out of fear.

In approximately 330 CE, the Roman ruler Constantine said he had a vision in which God showed him the symbol of Christianity, the cross.He had his soldiers paint the cross on the armor and they were victorious in battle, therefore Constantine attributed their victory to God. During his rule, he urged his people to turn to Christianity but still allowed the polytheistic worship.

After his death, eventually people of any religion other than Christianity were forced to be baptized and practice Christianity. Many Romans were accepting of this new faith however, many openly practiced and accepted Christianity but still practiced their own beliefs in private.Christainity might not have grew in popularity within the Roman Empire had it not been for Constantine, he was popular.

If Constantine had not had his vision, I wonder how the path of Christianity within the Roman Empire might have fared. The message of Christianity was love; as Jesus had ministered to take great care in the spirit, to love one’s neighbor as wall as one’s enemy, and that all would be judged eventually. This is contradictory to why Constantine actually chose to move in the direction of Christianity, since he took a symbol of God into war and professed to be victorious because of God.

Within the Roman Empire, Christianity was just a new cult, supported by their Emperor. There was the promise of afterlife for true followers. However, Christianity did not recognize social or ethical boundaries, which was important in a society where everything was based on social status. In the name of Christianity, hospitals were created, churched helped the poor, and social services were set up for those in need.

This was monumental in creating a base of support for the people of the Roman Empire, regardless of whether they were a Christian or not.This openness and acceptance, as well as support, that the church offered converted hundreds to Christianity. In conclusion, it is my opinion that the Roman Empire did not appear to be a favorable environment for Christianity to thrive.

However, the freedom that the Romans did have to worship many different gods and goddesses, including local and regional deities, paved the way the message of Christianity. Furthermore, Constantine embraced Christianity, perhaps not in the way that Jesus would have preferred, but, he was extremely popular among the Roman people.