Human Resource Management Essay Research Paper GROUP

Human Resource Management Essay, Research PaperGROUP REPORTPart ACASE STUDY & # 8211 ;CHIFLEY HOTELBy Joanne Lymperis 3090830Jonathan Lopez 1108034TABLE OF CONTENTS1. BROAD ORGANISATIONAL DETAILS1.1. Chifleys map2. Brief INDUSTRY ANALYSIS2.

1. Where does Chifley stand in its field?3. INTERNAL FACTORS3.1.

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Budgets3.2. Conflict4. Relation TO EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT4.1. Political, Legal4.2. Technological, Demographic4.

3. Social, Economic4.4. Industrial Relations5. Introduction OF HR ACTIVITIES5.1. Job analysis5.

2. Recruitment and Choice5.3. Ohio5.

4. Employee Motivation6. BIBLIOGRAPHY7. APPENDIX7.1. Organizational HeirarchyExecutive SummaryAim & # 8211 ; In this instance analyze the Chifley Hotel will be analysed in order to achieve information on how it functions and the function of Human Resource activities within.

Research Method & # 8211 ; An interview was organised with Linda Jones the Human Resource Manager in which the group attended in order to accomplish our purposeFindingss -The Chifley Hotel performs many maps. Concentrating chiefly on the undermentioned HR Practices: – Occupation analysis, Recruitment & A ; Selection, Occupational Health & A ; Safety, Industrial Relations/Compensation, Benefits, Training & A ; Development & A ; Employee Motivation.It was through the interview and our cognition of HR Practices that we were able to associate our findings to Human Resource Management.BROAD ORGANISATIONAL DETAILSChifley Hotels are a concatenation of hotels which are owned and operated by a larger hotel direction company called Touraust. The Chifley Hotel name was established in Melbourne in 1998 by Touraust corporation who purchased the Old Melbourne Hotel on Flemington Hotel, now known as Chifley on Flemington.The bulk of Chifleys gross comes from its gross revenues and adjustment, nevertheless Chifley is non merely a hotel, it has a assortment of sections that generate important sums of gross. The Haymarket 1886 eating house which caters for a more all right dining and intimate eating house experience.

The Chifley java store which is a more insouciant and in-house dining experience. The Norman Lindsay saloon marketed to in-house invitees and concern travellers to loosen up and hold a few drinks in forepart of a unfastened wood fire. Nellies public saloon and better known as Dirty Nellies, is great for a Friday dark knock off drink with workmates.

Last but non least the Banquets Department which caters for conferences of all kinds including nutrient and drink service for concern breakfast s, tiffins, or business/charity dinners, Weddings and birthdays.Along with Chifley, Touraust corporation ain and run other hotels such as The Hyatt, Australis, and assorted resorts such as Country Comfort.Brief INDUSTRY ANALYSISChifley on Flemington is rated as a 4.5 star hotel and does non vie with the likes of Grand 5 star hotels such as Sheraton Towers or the Windsor, nevertheless competes with Market niche hotels such as Novatel and Rydges which are besides 4.5 star. Though driven by repute Chifley does non take any higher than the 4.5 criterion.

INTERNAL FACTORSInternal factors such as budgets and employee struggle can hold consequence on the administrations working environment. This in bend effects Chifleys accomplishment of aims, impacting the administrations civilization and construction.BUDGETINGIn respects to budgets, Chifley is four months in front of following old ages budgets. Future estimations of rewards that will be paid have been calculated & A ; the expected gross they aim to achieve has been calculated.By budgeting in front it enables Chifley to recognize the fiscal state of affairs which they predict to be in, in the hereafter.

Budgeting can find whether or non they can use more staff or if they can spread out or pay their current employees more.The direction squad stated that they are happy with the current turnover rates and they have no purposes on spread outing the current premises or the administration as a whole.Individual maps and divisions have dockets which may non be identical, so struggle over resources and the demand for alteration may bring forth power battles within the administration.ConflictWithin Chifley, struggle is a major factor because they have 3 direction organic structures ( The Grand, The Chifley & A ; Toasts ) . These 3 organic structures need to work together as one, in order to over come jobs which concern budgeting and the manner in which the administration is managed to make its most capable potency.

Relation TO EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTIt is critical that an administration identifies external factors which have an impact on the on the job environment and civilization. Such factors include Political, Legal, technological, demographic, societal, economic and industrial dealingssIn relation to Chifley, the most of import and relevant factors which are applicable are Technology, OHS and Legal.TECHNOLOGICALOne of import factor which is of great concern in this administration is technological. & # 8220 ; The degree of technological promotion and rate of technological alteration affects the manner occupations are designed, enlisting and choice, preparation, motive of staff, compensation, wellness and safety and industrial dealingss & # 8221 ; .Chifley uses a computing machine system called Fidelio. This system is linked to all Chifley Hotels Australia broad. Fidelio shops informations for the map of histories, paysheet, reservations/bookings, budgeting and charge.

Following is an illustration of how this system maps. If a individual who was located in Sydney wanted to pass the weekend in Melbourne in Chifley Hotel, so all they need to make is pealing the Sydney Chifley Hotel and through this system this information is passed to the Melbourne subdivision and the engagement has been completed.OhioChifley does non hold an OHS Officer, but alternatively a commission has been established which consists of a figure of employees. Section 24 of the Act, and Regulations which apply to commissions, enables a workplace commission to: convey to the attending of the employer and look into any state of affairs which a commission member or an employer think is insecure K KLEGALEmployment contracts and scrutinizing are merely 2 factors. When an employee agrees to a contract they are provided with a enchiridion which outlines the footings and conditions of the contract.Auditing is completed internally by the Tourism Management.

This is completed on a regular footing to guarantee the clerking is within the legal parametric quantities.Introduction TO HR ACTIVITIESJOB ANALYSISJob analysis is a basic Hour activity because it focuses attending on what employees are expected to make.Chifley has different sections that all execute different undertakings. Including such sections as:P Housekeeping & # 8211 ; Keeps the hotel suites up to a peculiar criterion.P Front Office & # 8211 ; Takes reserves and offers service 24 hours, 7 yearss a hebdomadP Hotel Accounting & # 8211 ; manages the money and ensures Chifley is withinRECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONWhen a occupation vacancy exists, Chifley relies to a great extent on advertisement in newspapers.

The manner Linda Jones selects prospective appliers is she looks at 2 indispensable key standards which are:P Extended experience within the specified countryP and relevant educational demands which is appropriate cordial reception classs and First aid degree 2.OhioThis aims at protecting the wellness and safety and public assistance of the people at work. Chifley purposes at seeking to do all risky environments safe from injury.INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS/COMPENSATIONEmployees get paid supernumerary for working more busy and more profitable yearss. This is seen to be a signifier of wages which is incorporated in payment strategies for employees.EMPLOYEE MOTIVATIONA manner in which employees are motivated is by utilizing apothegms.

These are simple expressions which are normally pinned up on a notice board. They aim at encouraging and bettering client dealingss.Bibliography1. Rock, R J. , 1998, Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition, Jacaranda Wiley Ltd, Queensland, Australia2. Schuler, R S.

,, 1992, Human Resource Management in Australia, 2nd Edition, West Publishing company, N.S.

W, Australia3. Travaglione, A. & A ; Marshal, V. , 2000, Human Resource Strategies: An applied attack, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Australia.Appendix


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