Human is different in personality Essay

1.0 Who I am as a scholar?


Human is different in personality. Kolb ( 1984 ) suggest it is best for each person prefer larning in a certain manner as they non merely larn in that manner, but that prefers to make so or be in that manner. Human has interesting varied. Different people have different degree of penchant for larning in a manner than the others as some might be classs in a stronger penchant but some may be non endeavoring in a strong penchant but can larn in assorted ways ( Kolb, 1984 ) .

There are different ways of manner homo can utilize to larn, or gather and utilize the information. As clip goes by, homo will maintain on altering and modulate the ways their acquisition schemes harmonizing to personal development and different larning circumstance in which they find themselves. Harmonizing to Honey & A ; Mumford ( 1992 ) , larning is something happened when person is unable to make something they could in old or show that they know something they did non cognize before. By understanding themselves, they can be cognizant of the differences and understand their failing to go more flexible and capable in their womb-to-tomb acquisition procedure.

This undertaking is focus at analysing where I stand as a scholar, how I enhance my acquisition and relevant accomplishments set. In add-on, the deduction of the consequences will show how this could weaken my acquisition and specify the waies where I want myself to be in future. The analysis presents assorted consequence of me from good knows questionnaires. All the consequences are enclosed in Appendix A.

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The analysis of result and justification are based on my personal experiences and interviews from my friends and household to find the creditability of the questionnaire ‘s result. Furthermore, I have discussed about my womb-to-tomb acquisition, movable accomplishments set and career pick.

1.2Application of VARK Test

Table 1: The result of my VARK trial









It inclines that I have multiple penchant with high mark on three strong penchants – ARK. Peoples with this penchants are context particular who choose a individual manner to accommodate the state of affairs or juncture and are non satisfy boulder clay they have had input or end product in their preferable manner ( Fleming, 2010 ) . I am holding with the consequence. As a multimodal scholar, I have different involvement for my learning procedure. This modal provides me two or three manners to utilize for my interaction with others. Consequently, I can make things at the same time, for cases listening and composing.

Reappraisal of my past life of the acquisition and result. I have been larning best in auraI and read/write method. I do enjoy larning by listening to person which will convey a enormous impact on me. Normally I get all the information by attend the talk and seminars. Through discuss a subject with my lector or friends, I would acquire a clear head respect to some specific cognition. It assists me to acquire things done in a better manner. I prefer larning with an interesting mode like gags which make me impress with the information.

I have a wont of taking category notes for of import point that spoken by lector. It makes me easier to understand a subject. I would believe about how each word sound and expression for the significance from a dictionary if I found a word or footings that I do non understand. When my lector made used of text editions or notes on power point, my focal point was ever on listening to the lecturaer and reading the stuff instead than attractive force by ocular AIDSs. My aural accomplishment ever helps me in absorbing new cognition fast and efficiencies.

In add-on, I can acquire things done and understand the information by making the things. A existent life illustration of this is that during my secondary school, I used to hold many experiments in natural philosophies and chemical science topics. Indeed I have a clearer apprehension of the studied after gone through the experiment. It besides assists me in heightening my memory.

Apart from that, I am weak in utilizing ocular acquisition penchant. If a lector prefers the manner of ocular such as brands used of gestures and picturesque linguistic communication, flow charts or symbol which will non convey much consequence on me. Meanwhile, I will pay attending on what the lector said by utilizing these stuffs of work, but the chance for me to understand is low. I have been hiting rather low in natural philosophies and chemical science topics during secondary school, I found hard to understand charts, diagrams and expression.

This influence was besides witnessed during my undergraduate survey, for case, a faculty named Contemporary Corporate Reporting used for instruction is via power point presentations which include ocular AIDSs, graphs and anything that relies on symbolism. Thus, I am seeking to heighten my ocular failing and planning to develop ways for betterment. VARK suggest to turning ocular into words to get the better of the ocular failing ( Fleming, 2009 ) . However, I found it hard for me to carry through. I need clip to pattern.

1.3Application of Myers Briggs Test

The trial indicates I have two similar personality types. The highest was ESFP ( Extraverted Feeling with Feeling ) , follow by ESTP ( Extraverted Feeling with Thinking ) . The per centum tonss reflect how close my responses are to the form for each type ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The consequence endowed with a great capacity for matter-of-fact, basking life, adaptable and realistic. There is a ‘dominant map ‘ on two letters in the type codification are much more of import than the others ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

The of import letters between ESFP and ESTP are E and S. My dominant map is Feeling which oriented towards outer universe. I am able to manage the undertakings that current state of affairss nowadayss with action oriented. For cases, during my seminar of Strategic Management and Leadership, one of my group member was ill the twenty-four hours before our presentation, I managed to reconstitute and put right agreement to run our presentation successfully. I had motivated my group members into action. Finally, we got good feedback from the coach and pupils.

However, anxiousness and trouble in working on survey and individual are my failing. Thus, I am under force per unit area. I tend to hold rational thought instead than irrational thought particularly when it comes to sentiments. Furthermore, I like to do usage of my personal experience and the procedure that I already know. I need to believe carefully before doing determination and purpose to accomplish my ends. Apparently, these two personality penchants portion the same feature.

Both personality types are differences in Feeling and Thinking severally. My highest consequences show that I tend to hold Feeling instead than Thinking penchant. I agree with the statement, due to I prefer to do determination utilizing my ain values, rules and personal beliefs. These two personality types is human ‘s ‘natural disposition ‘ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . I can do determination on the footing of logic or utilizing analytical attack, depends on the state of affairs.

For cases, if I need to make an assignment, I would prefer to garner assorted resources and make up one’s mind harmonizing to the logical and analytical attack instead than my ain beliefs and rules. However, if I need to do a determination of who is to be blasted or congratulations, I would likely tend to utilize my personal beliefs and values.

1.4Application of Belbin Inventory Test

This trial is a inclination to act, contribute and interrelate with others in peculiar mode ( hypertext transfer protocol: // id=8 ) . It target to concentrate on strengths and positive part. Furthermore, it helps to capitalise on a individual ‘s strength and manage failings. The accomplishments developed by Belbin enable a individual or a squad to profit from self-knowledge and modulate depend on the demand of different fortunes. The strengths and failings can besides been produced within the squad ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Diagram 1: The self-perception squad roles consequence of mine in rank order.

Implementer ( IMP )

Plant ( PL )

Teamworker ( TW )

Completer Finisher ( CF )

Specialist ( SP )

Monitor Evaluator ( ME )

Resource Investigator ( RI )

Shaper ( SH )

Co-ordinator ( CO )

It highlights my best preferable function is implementer and least preferable function is co-ordinator. Roughly I am holding with my profile. As comparison with my personal history, I found to be an extravert, disciplined and optimistic individual. It allows me to develop new contact easy, assisting me in job declaration. For illustration, I could ever seek aid from my friends when I have trouble for my survey. However, sometimes, my personalities tend to be introvertive in the manner that I learn and study. I like to be an perceiver in my acquisition procedure. I am quiet and slope to be brooding in the manner that I am process information.

I, as a scholar, am non conservative in wonts. I like to dispute myself to seek something new. I am rather flexible to different fortunes. For case, I had a faculty named Principle Investment when I was a college pupil. At the clip, I was non understood the process of stock market. Consequently, I decided to do my investing by buying a certain portion from different companies on Malaysia Stock Exchange.

I had tracked and gather assorted beginnings from the company ‘s web site and up to day of the month intelligence from newspaper. I had besides evaluated the possible hazard of each company and use the practical theory that I learn from text book before doing my investing portfolio. Finally, I had sold out my full portion when the market monetary value was low. Consequently, I had generated some net income from the investing. Indeed it is a great experience to me.

This study besides indicates I am a individual who can bring forth thoughts, with ability to use them in a practical and efficient manner. However, my inventiveness is on the base of my capacity for doing uninterrupted advancement which may take clip to see the consequence. The study besides implies my failing is non good in manage people. Therefore I need to heighten and better my interpersonal accomplishment and the ability of inspire others.

For case, when there is a struggle among my group, by and large I would non cognize how to work out the jobs and actuate them. Alongside, I need to keep and heighten my assurance. Sometimes, I am deficiency of assurance to make and set about undertaking and duties. For case, I had been asked by my lector to execute a 20 minute address when I was a college pupil. I had rejected the petition at first, due to miss of assurance to myself and afraid to talk in forepart of 1000 people.

1.5Application of Learning Styles Test

This trial is designed to place person ‘s ain preferable acquisition manners which have been developed as a acquisition usage and wonts over the old ages. It assist single to understand the efficient mode and benefit more from their personal experiences and avoid reiterating the errors.

Table 2: My consequence of acquisition manners trial and the degree of penchant.

Learning Manners

Degree of Preference

Activist ( Do )

Strong Preferences

Reflector ( Review )

Strong Preferences

Theorist ( Conclude )

Low Preferences

Pragmatist ( Plan )

Very Low Preferences

The footings had been defined as Activist for obligers ( active experimentation ) , Reflector for divergers ( brooding observation ) , Theorist for learners ( abstract conceptualisation ) and Pragmatist for convergers ( concrete experience ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The trial indicates that I have strong penchants in both Activist and Reflector, and really low penchants in Pragmatist. As I review my past life and survey, I agree that I am non suited to Pragmatists larning manner because I am non lament to set thoughts, theories and techniques into pattern.

As per the consequence and based on my personal history, I found that I am more suit to Activist and Reflector. I immerse myself to the full in new experiences in which my favourite citation is ‘’never attempt, ne’er know ” . I would wish to seek everything at least one time ; the universe is full of fantastic and superb things to me. I enjoy every minute and am happy towards immediate experience. I am open-minded, enthusiastic and flexible to accommodate in new things. When something new is attract me, the phrase “just do it” will automatically look on my head.

I tend to move first and take into history the effect afterwards. I enjoy the challenge of new experience but easy acquire bored. Harmonizing to the trial, I am gregarious people, am seek to center activity around me. An illustration, when I was travel around Taiwan in 2008. I was attracted by bungee jumping. I decided to make it without see the effect of how danger it could be. The pleasance was all mines. It was genuinely a fantastic experience.

The trial besides defines another larning manner of mine – Reflectors. Indeed apart from my extrovert characteristic, I like to stand back to detect and chew over my experiences from different positions and position. I prefer to roll up and analyse the information before making any decisions. It takes clip for me to chew over from different angles and deductions to pull the decision, therefore the procedure may be slow.

I am cautiousness in survey and acquisition, I prefer to take a back place and listen to others during the treatments instead than show my thought and sentiment at all times. I would do used of information from nowadays, yesteryear and immediate observations to maintain a broad image position. For case, during the seminar of Strategy Management and Leadership, I ever stand back to ponder, observe and listen to my group members before doing my ain points. I need information to work on.


In the overall four trials, I find out that I am a multimodal scholar. In my personality, I understand that I am an extravert scholar ; therefore I like to research and seek new things instead than making the same things. In the determination devising facet, I can do determination based on rationally instead than emotions. In a job declaration, I tend to be analytical instead than improvisatory. In a group scene, I like to stand back to ponder and observe people and cod informations. Furthermore, I like to keep the good relationship and communicating within my group members to make a positive environment. From the trials, I understand that my failing is inability to pull off and actuate people good and efficiency, Therefore, I need to heighten my interpersonal accomplishments.

1.7Friend & A ; Family Comment

In order to determine the trustworthy of the findings, I had interviewed some of my friends and household. Their remarks were similar with the result of these trials. However, they were differing with the statement that I am weak and inability in interpersonal accomplishment and managerial homo relationship. I was small surprised with their remark.

I grew up with a traditional eastern state background and civilization. Consequently, many people would tend to be quiet and constricted with the thought of traditional subjects and rights. Over the old ages, I have learnt to stay quiet and do non cognize how to show myself good. Although holding many interesting thoughts, yet I do non cognize how to portion with others. Therefore, old ages after old ages, I do non hold a good communicating and interpersonal accomplishment. For case, if I have a superb thought on how to organize a large event, deficiency of assurance and communicating accomplishment within myself to speak will set me soundless. Another illustration is that, when people are speaking to me, sometimes, I do non cognize what I should state, therefore I would stay silence.

I recall when I was immature, I was really quiet. However, I was an outgoing and extravert individual. During my primary school yearss, I was a cheat participant, badminton and hoops squad participant ; stand for my school to affect in many competitions. Meanwhile, I was besides a librarian. When I went to a secondary school, I was a librarian and inspector. After graduated from the secondary school, I went to a college and involved in many nines and society.

I had been elected by the pupils to be the president of a community service and leading development organisation called Kiwanis Circle K. Many charity events and activities had been ran and organised by me. Therefore, I was a good know individual. Many people though that I was a sociable individual with good interpersonal, communicating and managerial accomplishments. This leads to mis-comprehensive and misconstruing about my personalities.

2.0 Deduction for Career Choice

2.1 Lifelong Learning

Learning is a womb-to-tomb procedure. Harmonizing to Knapper & A ; Cropley ( 1991, p.20 ) define womb-to-tomb acquisition as a set of organizational and procedural guidelines for educational pattern aimed at furthering larning throughout life. Oliver ( 1999, p.1 ) claim that it is a construct which is found progressively in current argument on instruction, peculiarly within the model of treatment on widening engagement and accommodating to alterations in forms of employment.

Similarly, Holford, Jarvis & A ; Griffin ( 1998, p.45 ) define womb-to-tomb acquisition as a guiding rule for planetary development and tend to be used interchangeably. It is basically of import and basically applicable to everyone in the dynamic and extremist alterations occupation markets and environment today. A description by Cropley in 1997 ( Knapper & A ; Cropley 1991, p.21 ) define womb-to-tomb larning arise from the phenomenon of alteration that is a major component in modern-day life.

Drew and Bingham ( 2001, p.249 ) province that identify strengths and better accomplishment is portion of the Continuous Professional Development ( CPD ) seen as critical by many professional organic structures. It is of import to place strengths in using for arrangements or occupations, due to employer would wish to cognize our capableness and how good we are. Therefore, it is indispensable to develop and update our cognition, expertness and movable accomplishments to go more efficient and successful in workplace. Furthermore, larning can assist in constructing up a positive attitude ; therefore person can derive new cognition and the ability to cover with the troubles of life.

In add-on, lifelong larning can specify as the existent experience of single. It based on what psychological features, societal scene, schoolroom patterns, course of study preparations etc, come to bear in determining existent acquisition experience ( Holford, Jarvis & A ; Griffin, 1998 ) . Therefore, larning procedure and experience are basically of import in constructing up a better life.

2.1.1 Application to Lifelong Learning

I, as a womb-to-tomb scholar, am an extravert with motive to larn from others, explore chances, and willing to try new things and challenge. I have high end in life, as after complete my unmarried man grade in Northumbria University, I plan to foster my graduate student survey. I would wish to make continue in fiscal service industry in the hereafter, peculiarly in stock exchange.

Because fiscal index, listed company information, planetary economic system, Torahs and ordinances are continually updated within the fiscal service industry. Therefore it increases the demand for the cognition, problem-solving accomplishments and the ability of covering with figure and computation. Furthermore, it needs good communicating accomplishments to explicate complex fiscal thoughts and figure by utilizing simple words.

However, communicating accomplishments is my weaker point, hence, I need to farther enhance. With the combination of my womb-to-tomb learning characteristic and multimodal acquisition manner, my calling development can be farther facilitating.

There is a Chinese adage that failure is the female parent of success, so cognizing our failure is the attack on our journey towards success. An illustration, I found out that I can retrieve after a reverse, each failure taught me some lessons and I learned to pick myself up and travel on. I would confront the jobs head on instead than runaway from the jobs. Indeed experience is the most sustained involvement for me throughout life.

2.2 Movable accomplishments

Each person ‘s ain specific accomplishment sets will assist when voyaging life picks range from academic major choice to occupation application ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . As I plan to travel my calling towards fiscal service industry as a fiscal analyst, there are some movable accomplishments that basically of import prior to the place.

In general, fiscal service industry requires fiscal analyst to hold high degree of analysis, numerical and communicating accomplishments to take to a more effectual occupation direction. It is basically of import for a fiscal analyst ; the occupations require covering with complex fiscal informations and explicating those complex fiscal thoughts and informations to clients by simple words. Consequently, there are some specialize arise, for case, computing machine accomplishments, foreign linguistic communications, study composing accomplishments and problem-solving accomplishments.

Consequently, I believe I need to better my movable accomplishments of unwritten and written communicating accomplishments, and interpersonal accomplishments. As employers today are keener to happen people who are able to come up with possible solutions to get the better of menaces ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Over the old ages, I had build up strong foundation on numerical, computing machine, written and unwritten linguistic communications accomplishments such as English, Mandarin and Malay in school, but my unwritten accomplishment of English still needs to better.

Self-discipline and ability to run into deadlines are concerned for organizational accomplishments ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The ability to work on myself besides needs to be bettering. Harmonizing to the result of trials, I believe with my rationally and analytical thought, I can accommodate to the place good. However, it needs to be developed throughout my life and employment for me to appropriately execute the function and advancement farther within this field.

2.3 Justify Chosen Career Choice

Due to I do non hold any practical experience and cognition in fiscal service industry, consequently after alumnus with a unmarried man grade in concern with finance, I plan to analyze graduate student to heighten my making to be a fiscal markets professional. Two advertizement of my calling pick is enclosed in appendix B.

2.3.1 Person-oriented Job Analysis – Fiscal Analyst


The analysts should keep a Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Planner Analyst or any Masters degree in fiscal services industry. Furthermore, they require high degree of analysis accomplishment and relevant working experience. The occupation is strong exposure to the capital market ; therefore they should understand the state of affairs of current fiscal markets.


The analysts require holding the ability that can germinate into trading responsibilities and support of capital market minutess. Therefore, the ability to work independently, first-class clip direction accomplishment, research accomplishment, calculating accomplishment, gauging accomplishment, manage multiple undertakings and run into tight deadline become an unexpressed demand. Furthermore, the analysts have to pass many times remaining at the office to make the analysis, composing a study and go on update the information, for illustration, listed company and the planetary fiscal intelligence. Hence, flexibleness and work under force per unit area become the demand of abilities. Good communicating besides needed to explicate the complex fiscal informations and thought.


The chief accomplishment set demand for the analysts are high degree of analysis and numerical accomplishment ; due to the analysts require prosecuting in capital market dealing with the exciting function to analyse the debt offerings, fixed income analytics etc. Furthermore, the analyst needs to hold good communicating accomplishment in both unwritten and composing such as English and Mandarin. It is of import that analyst is enabling to show an sentiment on the fiscal statements of the company. In add-on, they need to hold good concern study written skill ; therefore the accomplishment of MS Office is necessary.

Other personality feature:

The chief aim of analyst is chiefly towards holding the personality in honestness, independency and giving sentiments. It may take some times to analyse the informations and administer a study. Self-motivated, detail-minded, rationally and analytical thought are unexpressed accomplishments that needed for the occupation.

2.3.2 Match My Personalities To The Job

Based on the consequence of MBTI trial, my personality had been identify as extravert, action-oriented, acquire things done now, make usage of ain experience and use the tools or processes that I already know, and mark to accomplish clear end. It besides identify that I can do determination by believing instead than experiencing. Second, the Belbin depict I am an Implementer and Plant who is disciplined and dependable, am able to work out hard jobs, adjust to other people and reliable in any work undertaken.

Third, the acquisition manner questionnaire identifies my personality as Militants and Reflectors who immerse to the full in new experience, cautiousness, take a back place, stand back and observe, collect and analyze informations, and make decision easy. Therefore, I can carry through most of the demand as stated in the occupation advertizement. However, I need to keep a relevant Masters grade in finance sector and relevant experience to accommodate the occupations.

Table 3: Match my personality and ability to the place.

Require on Financial Analyst


Work Independently

Analysis Skills

CFA. CPA or Masters Degree

My personality and ability





3.0 Decision

After complete the four trials, I understand my personality traits such as strengths and failings. The trials besides assist me in cognizing how to better my accomplishments and personality. As I wish to prosecute my development calling in fiscal service industry, I would necessitate to better and set my personality traits to suitable perform to the occupation. Furthermore, I need to keep my attitude of womb-to-tomb acquisition. If I can to the full use my multimodal learning manner, I believe it would be facilitate for me to prosecute my calling.


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