Human in a company provides a primary

Human resource management plays an essential part in the function of an organization. All parts of a company are touched by the human resource department.

They provide an essential role in providing knowledge, training, and coaching to help an organization be successful. The development of an adequate training program for both existing employees and new hire employees can be a company’s biggest challenge. An adequate training and development program is essential to helping a company be successful. Training and development have struggled to meet the demands from management to provide a program that produces results. While nearly 164 billion dollars is spent on training and development by human resource management, many programs have failed to yield the results that these programs are set to do (Phillips, 2016). The following is the importance of training and a proposal for a standard for a new hire training and development program that will aid in success for companies with recommendations. Importance of Training and Development            Training in a company provides a primary opportunity to help expand the knowledge base of the employees of a company (Frost, 2015). While some see drawbacks in the training sessions due to the time in which it takes, the benefits it provides makes the investment worth while.

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Many company employees have weaknesses in their workplace skills. Having an adequate training program can help strengthen skills of employees and reduce weak links within the company (Frost, 2015). Employees receiving the necessary training to perform his or her job will further build confidence by aiding in understanding his or her responsibilities. Structured training and development programs in companies provide consistency to all employees. This will provide exposure to all information to employees to help with the skills required of employees. An important component of having a suitable training program will show employees they are valued and have support within the organization.

The performance management system in an organization will help implement new strategies and increase performance levels and skills of an organization (HUSYS, 2017).    Human resource management must be active and engaged in various strategies that will further help an organization grow in the future. Training programs in companies can help increase the organization’s overall stability and flexibility, reduce supervision and direction needed, increase productivity in the organization, and reduce turnover or absenteeism (HUSYS, 2017). Training should never stop once new employees have received adequate training. Ongoing training will continue to help employees feel confident and help with continued growth in the company.

Human resource management have the influence in helping drive organizational outcomes (Phillips, 2016). Human resource development must be integrated in training and the overall strategic framework of an organization. Proposal PurposeHuman resource management focuses on driving the goals of the organization (Nathan, 2016).

This is true when it comes to training and developing employees in the organization. Roughly 89 percent of company executives believe leadership in the organization needs to be strengthened and improve company leadership is important and 28 percent feel week leadership is an issue in companies (ERC, 2016). Many feel they are not reading to be in their roles in the company and lack experience. Training is an essential part of helping employees feel ready. Training provides exceptional results for companies.

When companies offer comprehensive training programs in their organization, they receive 218 percent higher income per employee than those who do not offer any formal training (Gutierrez, 2017). Furthermore, increased productivity, skill advancements and increased productivity is capable through an adequate training and development program. The overall purpose of the proposal is developing a standard for a new employee and seasoned employee training and development for companies in order to achieve success.


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