Huffman, Alan. Personal interview. 20 Nov. 2012 Essay

I interviewed Alan Huffman M. D and asked questions about how long drugs stay in your system and how people deal with their addictions. He was very informative and helpful and I gathered a lot of information I could not find anywhere else. I learned that methamphetamines only stay in your system from 1-3 days, I can use that information to support my claim that drug testing applicants for welfare is ineffective. NBC-15. (October 25, 2011). Judge Blocks Welfare Law NBC-15 News at 10.

Mobile, AL. In this television news broadcast the reporter talks about a judge in Florida who blocks the controversial law requiring welfare applicants to pass a drug test. This broadcast was short but helpful in that the judge held the same position I have. I can use the information from this broadcast to back my claim that drug testing is a good idea but ineffective. Sullum, Jacob. “Poppy seed peril: eat a bagel, lose your baby. ” Reason Mar. 2011: 11.

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Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Nov. 2012.

This magazine article shares the story of a women who ate a poppy seed bagel 2 hours before being admitted to a hospital, she was drug tested and has her baby taken away from her for 5 days before authorities said they made a mistake. This article is off the subject of my position paper, but still contains information about the flaws in drug testing. I can use the information about the flaws of drug testing to support my claim. Tanner, Michael.

The End of Welfare: Fighting Poverty in the Civil Society. Washington, DC: Cato Institute. 2008.This book provided information on the history of welfare from the time it was first introduced, and proposed solutions to fighting poverty. I found to book interesting and informative, it was a useful part of my research because it had information on how the welfare system has changed and problems associated with those changes. I can use the information from this book to discuss how welfare got to be what it is now and problems associated with the welfare system.

“Testing Welfare Recipients for Drugs (sidebar). ” Issues & Controversies On File: n. ag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 9 Jan. 2010. Web.

21 Nov. 2012. This news article discusses the problems with funding welfare as well as the mass amount of American citizens receiving some form of government assistance; it discusses the option of drug testing recipients, and drug abuse programs for those who fail testing. It contains useful statistics that I can use to help support my position of the matter. It does not contain information about the price of drug testing and other information I was looking for.I can use the information it contains about the welfare system to support my claim.

“When collecting welfare means passing a drug test. ” Governing July 2012: 11. Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Nov. 2012 This journal article discusses drug testing welfare recipients, it lists the states that have enacted the law already, and it talks contains opinions from both sides of the argument.

It contains accurate information and talks about the issue from different angles. It has information about the cost of drug testing and statistics and quotes I can use in my research paper.


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