ride. The company believes in innovation used: Ridgeback, buy Ridgeback, Ridgeback singapore, Ridgeback Minny 12in kids bike, Ridgeback MX 12 Kids 12in BicycleBiking is so much fun with RidgebackThis UK based company was established in year 1983 and has since been continuously providing different types of cycles for both children and adults. The wide range of collection ensures that there is a cycle for every type of activity – be it adventurous mountaineering, camping or regular daily commute to nearby places around your home. The users have always appreciated their range of cycles that are robust, stylish, durable and extremely comfortable to ride.

The company believes in innovation and creativity, and designs new models of cycles catering to the needs of customers worldwide. These cycles are manufactured using best quality materials. You can buy Ridgeback cycle from Lazada, a leading online destination in Singapore. The brand is known for its trusted values and traditional methods. Use of quality materials and latest technology add durability to their cycles.

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The brand continues to maintain the quality and standards of its cycles.These cycles are affordable and effectively fulfill the purpose of the buyer. Presence of heat treated aluminum frames makes them light in weight. The models specially designed for women have a crossbar which makes mounting the cycle a lot easier for them.

The fork of the cycle is made of hi-ten steel and has mudguard eyelets. The cycles also have Shimano shifters for controlling gear mechanism. These cycles fall in commuter category and come in a practical yet stylish design. There are a variety of cycles for kids as well like Ridgeback Minny 12in kids bike that provides the right amount of support and comfort to the young riders who are still learning to ride a bike. The ultra responsive brakes add an element of safety for the kids and 12 inches cycles are perfect for these cycles.

It is fit for the kids aged 3 to 4. The training wheels on the cycles can be removed easily when no longer required.Cycling is safe with Ridgeback in SingaporeToday, most of our work requires sitting for long durations.

On the other hand, kids, rather than spending quality time playing outside, play games on their gaming consoles that not only affect their health due to lack of physical activity but also, at times, cause anxiety and depression. Therefore, parents should emphasize on the importance of outdoor games and involve themselves as well as it will give them a chance to enhance parent-child bonding. Young children love cycling. Therefore, these cycles are perfect for them to begin learning riding early. There are different models for children like Ridgeback MX 12 Kids 12in Bicycle that are available in bright colors. These vibrant bikes have been designed carefully keeping in mind the safety and comfort of children.

They all come with removable training wheels so that children can learn to balance their cycles at their own pace. You can order these cycles online on Lazada. The online store also provides nationwide free shipping along with 14-days free returns on all products.Why choose Ridgeback? • Expertise in manufacturing cycles • High quality and durable cycles which easily last for at least 6-7 years • Easy and comfortable to ride


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