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ContentIntroduction P.

3 Job Analysis of the position of storekeeper P.3 Job description and specification of a storekeeper in Apollo Hospital P.5 Recruitment P.5 Selection P.7 Training and Development P.8 Conclusion P.

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10 References P.11IntroductionIt is found that there is an non-availability of medicines, drugs, equipment and other consumables which are for Apollo Hospital’s daily operation. The main reason is the fact that there are only one storekeeper hired and it is undoubtedly insufficient to manage the resources in the hospital. Therefore, the main purpose of this report is to develop a job analysis, job description and job specification, investigating how the way Apollo Hospital use can recruit better storekeepers and the follow-up training for storekeepers after they had been hired. Job analysisBefore releasing recruitment advertisement, doing a job analysis is the major premise.

Job analysis is a systematic study of a job to identify its major components (David M. Harris; Randy L. De Simone,1994). Firstly it is needed to collect the information and data related to the job.

The HR manager should consider how the information collected will be used and what its purpose is. In the case, few storekeepers is going to be hired. That is mean the information collected will help hire new storekeepers.

Then, the background information of Apollo Hospital is needed. It is found that the storekeeper in Apollo hospital cannot perform standardly despite of the fact that the storekeeper has no related experience about storekeeping of hospital. Apollo Hospital is now suffering in the lack of management on hospital equipment and resources. The next step is analyzing the job by collecting data through different collection methods. In the case, interview with the purchase executive is the most suitable way because the work he is doing is closely related to the medicine management and he is the one who familiar with the work of storekeepers. Also, there are several types of information like work activities, human behaviors, tools, performance standards, job context and human requirements.It will be briefly analyzed in the following. For storekeepers, report to the purchase Executive can maintain good storage practices.

Example like updating of temperature record of cooling system and expiry calendar are the work activities. On the other hand, storekeepers’ human behavior is to lift the goods which may be the pack of medicine or drugs. Also it is important to define what the tools they use during their work are.

They may use the dairy to record the quantity being kept in the warehouse. Furthermore, the context will be mainly the store or warehouse. For the performance standards, it should be keeping the store clear and reporting the right situation to the purchase executive, ensuring there are sufficient supply of the consumables. Finally, the human requirement will be having related experience in hospital or clinic.

Lastly, the hospital should verify the information and develop the job description and job specification.Job description and specification of a storekeeper in Apollo Hospital Not only is the person in this position responsible for maintaining the availability of the large quantities of medicine, equipment and important machines, but also managing the amount of these essential elements which serve the hospital. Through managing these essential elements, the storekeeper should be able to estimate the amount that the hospital really needed on its daily operation. It is because of avoiding wasted resources to be incurred. To attain these factors, storekeepers in Apollo Hospital should achieve its job specification. The person in this position should have sufficient knowledge of the medicine, equipment and important medical machines. Different types of medicine and drugs indeed have different duration. Besides, to maintain the medical machines’ availability, storekeepers are needed to be taught of different machines’ principle theory in terms of mechanic.

RecruitmentRecruitment is one of the important elements regarding on Human Resources Management. Obviously, the aim of this scenario is Apollo Hospital want to employ few more storekeepers to manage the large quantities of different medical equipment in order to face the growing of its h as it offers quality. Using what way to recruit storekeeper is important. It will directly affect the following procedures about HRM.

Recruiting is divided by two parts, one is internal recruiting, another one is external recruiting. In this case, it is more suitable to use external recruiting to employ applicants due to the enlargement of the range of candidates. Developing a larger pool can provide more opportunities for Apollo Hospital’s HR department to hire their suitable applicant. Also, this can indeed increase the number and the type of the applicants who apply for this position.

It brings only good but no harm.Apart from the method using regarding applicant recruitment, the HR department have their responsibility to maintain the process of recruitment. The consistency of recruitment is one of the concerning issue. If they has bias to employ the special applicants, it will easily incur the serious legal consequences, such as the discrimination laws, employment law and so on. Not only is it destroying the public image of hospital, but also commit various crimes. Hence, applicants would have equal opportunities to apply the position. Moreover, the HR department is needed to use some of the recruiter’s strategies to hire people.

This part is very crucial because it will affect whether they hire applicants successfully or not. There are four key properties. The first one is whether the information is accuracy & credibility or not. The job incumbents (current storekeepers) of Apollo Hospital take this opportunity to present their realistic view of what the job in question entails.The second one is whether the information is specific or not.

It means that hospital needs to provide the job features regarding the job. The third one is whether the information is sufficient or not. It means Apollo Hospital should have the responsibility to report the pros and cons of the job. The last one is the importance of information. Hospital need to present the most vital job attribute in a vivid manner.

These properties can determine whether the strategies are successful of not. SelectionCareful selection is also a crucial element in HRM. In the view of maintaining good organizational performance, Storekeepers with the right skills will do a better. There are many useful selection methods such as application blanks, background investigations/ reference checks, employment interviews and employment tests.

The purpose of application blanks is pre-screening. It can highlight the strength and weakness concerning the candidates who applied for the position of storekeeper in Apollo Hospital. Background investigation is useful in this position too. It can verify the factual information provided by candidates and uncover damaging information which threatening the security of the hospital.

In this case, since storekeepers should be honest and ethical, background investigation can check the integrity of the candidates. Interview is a useful selection tool too. HR managers can obtain the technical knowledge, self-evaluative information, situational information and behavior description information through the interview.The suggested questions are “how would you maintain the availability of medicines and medical equipment?” or “how would u estimate the days of medicine storage is needed to be maintained in the hospital?” Employment tests are the essential selection method also. HR managers should ensure that the tests should have high validity and reliability. In this case, work sample tests can be used. HR managers can ask them to perform some of the actual job tasks such as recording the cooling system and repairing the simple error of the medical machines.

Besides, since storekeepers work in the hospital, they should have some medical and chemical knowledge. Therefore, it is suggested that a paper test should be used during the selection process. Training and developmentTraining and development are needed for the employees. It is an opportunity for them to process and make improvement, which can also help achieve the company’s goal efficiently and effectively. In this case, Apollo Hospital wanted to employ storekeepers to manage different medical equipment, which means the training will be given to both new and current employees to create a sense of belonging and unity in the organization. The first step of the training process is to analyze the training needs according to the needs theory. Training needs analysis included Task analysis for new employee and Performance Analysis for current employee. We need to know the components of the tasks and responsibilities to identify the key elements of training–knowledge, abilities and skills, which help produce the training specification.

In the case, the responsibility of storekeepers is to manage the medicines and medical equipment. So the training specification can include the knowledge of using of the different equipment, the ability of identifying different medicines’ duration and the calculation of estimating a suitable amount of resources serving the hospital etc. The second step is to design and develop the training program.Clear objectives can lead to desirable outcome. (Mager, 1984 )An effective training program should contain desired behavior, conditions and the standards.

For example, the storekeepers can refill the medicines back to 90% automatically before it reached to 30% which is not enough to supply the hospital to use. Therefore, an instructional design of the training program should be offered based on those three effective objectives. On-the-job training is the training methods that will be suitable in this case. Since the storekeepers do not have previous experience of Hospital Store, on-the-job training can provide them an opportunity to adapt and familiar with their job. For instant, storekeepers need to do medicines refillment in the on-the-job training in order to be familiar with the place to get different refillment and when to refill the medicines.

After choosing the suitable training program, implementing the program and doing the evaluation are the following steps in the training process. The evaluation of the training can be measured by training outcome, which are the reaction, learning, behavior and result achieved by the employees.That is to see whether the storekeepers like the program, leant how to manage the medical equipment, do medicines refillment actively and manage the equipment properly. By doing the training steps from above, the training program given to the employee will be suitable for them. Not only do they reach the expected knowledge, ability and skill, but also gain a sense of belonging and unity in the organization, which is beneficial to the operation of the whole hospital. ConclusionApart from the above analysis, it is important to apply a suitable way to recruit storekeepers. After hiring new storekeepers, on the job training will be provided to both current and new storekeepers. All in all, making sure of the efficiency of Apollo Hospital’s daily operation would guarantee the quality of its service.

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