Howard, we have lots and lots of Howard! Essay

This past weekend, the newly renovated Howard House Museum Gift Shop was packed to the rafters with all sorts of new books and publications. By late Saturday afternoon, the huge stacks of books had dwindled down significantly as Howard heads blew the doors off the Gift Shop and toted off a ton of Howard swag. Here is the rundown on the new items were there:

  • Anniversary:  A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector from publisher Dennis McHaney.

    While not currently available, Dennis should have it back on sale on soon.

  • The Howard Collector #19, which is being sold by Paul Herman.

    Contact him directly to order a copy.

  • School Days in the Post Oaks and The Collected Letters of Doctor Isaac M. Howard, two new REH Foundation Press books debuted at Howard Days.  The volumes are available on the Foundation’s storefront in both softcover and hardcover versions.
  • Footsteps of Approaching Thousands by Ann Beeler is a history of the city of Cross Plains and features a chapter on the Howards written by Rusty Burke. The book is published to commemorate the centennial of the town and is now available through

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  • Dreams in the Fire: Stories and Poetry Inspired by Robert E. Howard was one of those books flying off the Gift Shop shelves. Edited by Mark Finn and Chris Gruber, this collection of prose and poetry from past and present REHupans was one book that nearly everybody had tucked under their arm. You can order your copy from

Copies of the limited edition The Fantasy Fan hardcover were also sold at Howard Days. The publisher, Lance Thingmaker, graciously donated an autographed copy of the book to the Cross Plains Library and asked if I could bring a few copies to sell for him.

I agreed and he sent me five copies –  all sold in a matter of minutes, leaving some folks who wanted a copy without one.  But fear not, Lance still has copies and you can contact him via e-mail to order direct from him.In addition to REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #15, I also brought a large batch of two different postcards that I donated to the Gift Shop to sell. One was the full color Bran Mak Morn painting from the cover of the current issue of TGR, and the other was a colorized version of plate one from the “Beyond the Black River” portfolio, both by Michael L.

Peters. These items sold very well and I will be bringing some different ones next year.Overall, Howard Days was a huge success – Rob should have a detailed trip report up shortly.

In excess of 200 people attended one or both days and $1500 was raised at the silent auction, up from last year and there were fewer items this year. If the event gets any bigger, Project Pride will need to expand the size of the venues as they were at full capacity this year.


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