How You Responded to a Significant Challenge That You Have Encountered and What You Learned in the Process ? Essay

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How you responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process ? “ When life gives you lemons make lemonade” . This has become my motto in life and it is something I truly believe in . Life is full of challenges and it is our ability to deal with these challenges that makes us what we are and helps us to rise above adverse situations . When I look back upon my life I feel my growing up years have been the most challenging .My father had to move cities and eventually countries to set up his business . The challenge encountered by me was that I had to adapt to a new place , a new school , and a new environment everytime .

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I was really very small to understand what was required of me but today when I think about it I feel I did contribute in my own way , thereby making it easier for my parents to make these decisions . It was my ability to adapt and accommodate to these changes that made it easier for my parents .Moving from Mumbai which is a metropolitan city in India to Surat which is comparatively a smaller city is a challenge by itself for anyone .

My mother at first was very apprehensive because she didn’t want to compromise on my education given the fact that Mumbai has much better schools and universities but at the same time it was important for all of us to stay together as a family . I guess I had sensed their fears and had decided then and there that I would do my best to adjust to the various situations and would never let them know how troubled or worked up I am .I adapted to the changes beautifully took everything in my stride and excelled academically .

We finally are now settled in Dubai and it was only my ability to adapt to changes that have helped my parents take some extreme decisions in their lives . Now the focus is on my career and education. I will again be facing a similar challenge as I will be moving to another country to pursue my dreams .


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