How Windows OS on Android phone while

How to Install Windows OS on Android PhoneYou’ll get how to install Windows OS on Android phone while reading the content entirely. We instruct you with some simple steps so that you can install it easily. You can get the sound impractical whether any installation is so hard to complete that. Particularly, it happens if new software enters in the marketplace, such as Windows 10 or, similar versions.

They’re usable with the most recent android versions, including android marshmallow or, lollipop or, Kit Kat. It comes with the steps of installation definitely Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 along with running there. So, here we use the software calls “Change my software” while describing the steps of installation.

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 What You Need to Install Windows on Android Phone?Before of learning how to install windows OS on Android phone, learn what you need mostly. You ought to consider collecting the following things along with: A Laptop or a PC (Personal Computer) A Phone with recent Android version High-speed and interruption-free internet connection A good quality USB cable Must have “Change my software” (if not, download from here: Time, about 15 minutes Best free recharge app calls Mcent for your PC Best app for file transferring calls Xender for your PC. What are the Steps to Install Windows on Android Phone?Here are the steps that you need while installing windows on your Android phone. 1st Step: Go to the following options using an Android device: Setting>Developer Options>Turn On USB Debugging.

You can find the options from ‘About Phone’.   Step I: Download your “Change my Software” using the above said link. Step II: connect your phone with PC whether download completes and launch the app ‘Change My Software’. Step III: Now, go to the option Android>Windows (versions you like) to install on the preferred device.

Step IV: Click on “continue” and choose your language while asking. Step V: after choosing language, it starts download drivers. Click on the button of “Install” when download completed. Step VI: here comes “Remove Android” options; Ignore it when you’re not dual booting. Step VII: Need some time to complete the process, so wait until done.

When all files are installed, your device will restart automatically. If you want to come back to the Android, in case, then use the same “Change my Software”. You can get connected PC to device while selecting the option of the “Restore to original condition”. 


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