Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary How up with the growth of the

How up with the growth of the

How long will it
take for the machines to take over our jobs? 
According to a 2013 study, more than half of all jobs in the world could
potentially be automated in the coming two decades.  But well; automation been around for decades,
so what the difference is now?

There is no doubt
that innovation has made human work a lot easier and more productive.  This means that one human is now able to work
as two with the help of all those machines around. This eliminated many jobs and
at the same time created jobs that were better for skilled workers.  As a result, this worked well for a majority
of people and living standard improved as a whole.

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Suddenly, the rules
were different. Our jobs are now being taken over by machines faster than
before.  That’s worrying of course…. but
do you think innovation will save us? 
While new information industry is booming, jobs are becoming fewer and
fewer.  Shown by statistics, Google
employed 58,000 people in 2012. So, we can say that Google is an example of a
company who had created new jobs in the past: innovative new industries.

Cars, is the innovation
of past that transformed our way of life, our infrastructure and our
cities.  Millions of people found jobs
because of that in the past, but now this industry does not create as many jobs
as it used to.  For instance, electric
cars are going to replace the now existing cars soon, but that will also not
create as many jobs as it used to in the earlier times.                                                                                                                                                                      

But, how about the internet?
Technology is dependent on internet and it is an essential part of almost all industries.
 But, still the jobs created are not
enough to keep up with the growth of the population and a new generation of
machines is slowly taking over.

While humans have
their fears about future jobs, information age and modern automation, could be
a huge opportunity to change human society in a positive manner and reduce
poverty and inequality drastically.