How To Reduce Rape Criminology Essay

In December 2012, a 23-year-old medical pupil who studied at the University of Delhi, after the film she went place with her fellow. Unfortunately, seven work forces hit her fellow and even worse they gang-raped her on the coach. At last, the pupil died in Singapore ‘s Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

This is such bad intelligence. Nowadays, it is a civilised society. However, colza ever occurs in the universe. For case, with more than twenty-four 1000 reported colza instances in India in 2011, colza registered a 9.2 per centum rise over 2010. Peoples have been hurt because of colza. From this similitude, the purpose of the research is a aftermath up call to state people of the lifting tendency of colza. In my sentiment, colza is a offense that harms others.

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We should resolutely defy the happening of such Acts of the Apostless of colza.My research is divided into three subdivisions. First of all, I will specify colza. Rape in its simplest signifier ( and the significance, most people can understand it ) , is when a adult male forces a adult female to hold sex with him. Often this has been done by utilizing either menace or force. When the victim is mentally helpless or impaired, physically impaired, asleep or unconscious. Following, I will compare the Torahs, adult females ‘s societal position and the authorities system between India and Singapore.

I choose two states because India frequently has rape instances and Singapore seldom. Last but non least, I will give some advice through the three facets of the Torahs, societal position every bit good as self-defense on how to cut down colza.

2. Datas of Rape in India

The Wall Street Journal ( hypertext transfer protocol: //blogs. )The Indian edition of WSJ has come up with this map which shows the colza rate across different provinces of India.It shows the cardinal part of colza rate up to 8.

2 reported instances per 100,000 adult females. But the north-eastern provinces as holding highest colza rate. The colza rate up to 10.1 reported instance per 100,000 adult females.

The ill-famed Indian capital of Delhi ‘s colza rate was 7.4 reported instances per 100,000 adult females, but it was non the highest. The northern metropolis of Mizoram the colza rate is 14.3 reported instances per 100,000 adult females which was the highest.Harmonizing to the study, with more than 24,000 reported instances in India in 2011, colza registered a 9.2 per centum rise over the old twelvemonth. In recent old ages, scaring informations from New Delhi has earned the rubric of “ colza capital ” of India.


Causes of colza

A: Reason for more colzas in India

3.1 Legal loophole

Harmonizing to the study, rape condemnable jurisprudence sentences people to more than seven old ages in India and even the decease punishment. But Indian jurisprudence besides provides that the wrongdoer may be released on bond or pay a mulct. Because of this, a batch of the rapers have non been punished. Laws should supply fast track tribunals to cover with such instances, ” says Girija Vyas, Chairperson, and National Commission for Women ( NCW ) . Harmonizing to the study, the consequences promote more people to offense which merely a blue 27 per centum of the colza strong belief rate in 2006-2007.

3.2 Low position of adult females in India

Womans were considered inferior to work forces in societal life. On the one manus, a big portion of Indian adult females are illiterate because their household did non direct the miss to school for instruction. As for adult females, the literacy rate bases at merely 54.16 per centum. On the other manus, adult females were prohibited to take portion in domestic every bit good as in external affairs.

Indian adult females ‘s working rate is really low. But the population of working adult females has risen to 13 per centum in 1987. Still, the population of working adult females merely has 25 per centum in 2011. Womans who smoke, drink, travel to bars is considered unethical behaviour in India.

Acceptance of domestic force. India is the universe ‘s most serious state for domestic force. Some adult females believe that domestic force is frequently seen as deserved. The Indian adult females belongings can non be independent instead dependent on work forces. Degree of India ‘s last name.

The huge bulk of female authorities functionaries come from top-quality family names. High-grade surname female authorities functionaries will non contend for the right to civilian adult females.

3.3 The authorities system

India has a sulky tribunal system which the inefficiency of the tribunal covering with the instance for merely 15 Judgess. It is so surprised that Delhi high tribunal justice trades with the backlog of instances need 466 old ages.

There are non adequate constabulary to protect ordinary citizens in India. Leading to troubles to obtain grounds and pass a batch of clip. Even worse, there is a portion of the constabulary have been involved in colza.

Encouraging colza victims to compromise. For illustration, a 17-year-old colza victim under the constabulary force per unit area she got married with the aggressors. The ground for this via media is for maintaining the peace between the households or ethnicities. India besides lacks public safety. Less than a batch of street illuming in India and deficiency of public lavatories. These are factors that induce colza.

Bacillus: Reason Less Rape in Singapore3.1 Strict TorahsAnyone who commits colza should be punished with imprisonment for a term which may widen to 20 old ages, and needs to be apt to ticket or to flog. The aid will be subjected to the penalty of 8 old ages and floging with at least 12 shots. Singapore has improved the constabulary system and the tribunal system to rapid processing of instances. So that people will non make bold to go against the jurisprudence.

3.2 National equality and equality between work forces and adult females

As Singapore is a multiethnic state, equality is the subject of Singapore.

Singapore has a particular legal protection to equality between work forces and adult females. Legal protection of the equal position of adult females in public topographic points and even in the place. In 2011, for the Gender Inequality Index Singapore received a mark of 0.

086, puting the state at 8 out of 146 states with informations.3.3 Geylang — — legal harlotryGeylang is Singapore ‘s celebrated Red Light District for legal harlotry. A batch of harlotry through cocottes who were from Thailand, Malaysia, China for work forces over there every twenty-four hours.

Sexual activity is a basic homo so necessitate that a legal ruddy visible radiation territory supplying some basic sexual satisfaction for work forces can be. Being deficiency of sex, a adult male has proper ways to work out the job. They do non necessitate to ravish others.

Effectss of colza

Rape is a offense, most of the victims have a greater psychological injury. But the victims frequently lack people ‘s concern and regard. Even victims will be rejected and disgusted. This will do the victims experience a 2nd victimization.

This is a plaintive fact. The colza besides leads to the AIDS epidemic. Some of the victims of colza and gestation.

If adult females use the preventive drugs it will cut down the gestation rates. If the babe was born, it will add to the victim ‘s load of life and impact the life of the victim. If the metropolis frequently has colza, it will cut down the people ‘s sense of security and happening of other types of instances. For illustration: Murder.


Revisit the definition of colza and pay attending to the development of accurate Torahs. Severe penalty to a individual who is convicted for colza.

Better the judicial system to cut down procedural holds. Increase legal assistance to assist the victims. Better the legal position and rights and involvements of adult females.

Womans should have equal instruction. Women should cognize how to utilize the jurisprudence to protect them. The publicity of adult females ‘s self-defense accomplishments. The creative activity of self-defense classs at school. Males have a physical strength advantage over females, but adult females can utilize techniques to contract the spread with work forces. Both colza victims and rapers are likely to be intoxicated. Womans who are rummies should avoid walking entirely at the saloon.

The 1997 NCVS studies that 35.8 per centum of colza victims believe their rapers were under the influence of intoxicant. Looking for some drinks alternative to alcoholism aid to cut down colza.


The survey focuses on how to cut down colza. In the class of this analysis, I finish by comparing between India and Singapore jurisprudence, the societal position and self-defense of adult females to acquire a right apprehension. And seeking to happen some solutions to cut down colza.

Rape is a flagitious act which hurts a batch of people. Particularly, in some developed states, colza would be more serious. Therefore, making research to cut down colza is necessary. The survey concludes that the demand is betterment of jurisprudence, better the position of adult females in society, to larn self-defense accomplishments and cut down the abusing of intoxicant that is an efficient manner to work out colza. In my sentiment, a safe societal environment can be contributing to the development of society. Rape is an of import factor impacting societal security. If we want a wonderful, safe life environment, we should lend to cut down colza.


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