How Teams Can Increase Effectivness Essay

In today’s fast-paced business world, almost no work is done solely by one individual. It is the collaborative effort of teams that help drive businesses further and succeed in their respective industries. Whether it be research and development teams, cross-functional teams, or any other team, managers are responsible for creating them and maximizing their overall effectiveness. The effective use of teams can help to increase many aspects of a company such as; overall performance, responsiveness to customers, innovation,employee satisfaction, and motivation.A company’s overall performance is enhanced by teams that establish synergy.

According to Jones and George, synergy is when performance gains are the result of individuals and departments working together to coordinate their actions. Synergy is achieved when groups and teams are able to correct each other’s mistakes, bounce ideas off one another, bring about new problem-solving ideas, and accomplish projects beyond the scope of individuals. Synergy is only possible if teams are effectively managed. A manager must realize the importance of building complementary teams to maximize performance.

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Smart and strategic division of roles based on different team members strengths and weaknesses will significantly improve the performance and output of a team. Responding to customers is key for a company’s success. Without customer’s there is no company; therefore, it is vital that a company quickly and efficiently respond to any customer issues or complaints that may arise. Many large companies make use of cross-functional teams to respond to customers needs. These cross-functional teams consist of members from different departments within a company and can provide a diverse set of skills needed to respond to all the different demands.The expertise of each member from different departments can help build on synergy to correct mistakes and produce creative problem solving ideas.

Teams are also important in increasing innovation within a company. Innovation allows a company to grow and expand toward its desired future goal. Innovation can contribute to several factors such as; saving on cost, producing new and better products, coming up with new business strategies, and finding easier ways to handle existing operations.A stagnant company with slow or nonexistent innovation may likely fail due to the ability of other companies in an industry to grow and rapidly respond to a naturally changing business environment. It is important that everyone within an organization be able to contribute to innovation; however, certain teams are created by management to create innovation such as research and development teams and other teams. Managers play a significant role in increasing innovation within teams which in turn increase organizational innovation.Managers can increase team innovation by; building complementary teams, encouraging team members to ask good questions that challenge accepted norms, expanding market perspective by learning about competitors and new industries, inspiring fresh thinking by taking brainstorming sessions to new places, and increasing team members observation and interaction with customers. Another contributing factor of teams is that they can act as motivators and increase employee satisfaction.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model shows that a sense of belongingness and love is third in line directly following physiological and safety needs.Group work and teamwork help to satisfy this need when employees feel that they are a part of a team and have a chance to help contribute to team and organizational goals. Teams also provide the needed social interaction among employees that help them to relieve work-related stress which may result in greater work appreciation and satisfaction.

Teams can better motivate individuals several ways. Motivation is contagious, and working alongside other experienced and motivated people can be encouraging and motivating for other employees.As in all the other above factors that contribute to team success, managers are responsible for overseeing and increasing team motivation.

Increasing team motivation requires an understanding of each team member and how each member is influenced. A manager must set clear and concise goals that are easy for the team to understand yet challenging. It is important that a manger set challenging but realistic goals for a team. Incentives are always a great tool for managers to increase team motivation.

Whether it be bonuses, acations, or raises, a manager must make sure that the incentives are proportionally matched to the goals expected of the team. Maximized team motivation leads to better goal production of the entire organization. In conclusion, it is apparent that teams are vital to organizational success because they enhance performance, increase responsiveness to customers, encourage innovation, satisfy employees, and drive motivation. Companies and managers that understand the importance of these factors and efficiently use teamwork will likely endure success.


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