How Social Darwinism Influenced Imperialism Research Essay

How Social Darwinism Influenced Imperialism Essay, Research PaperSocial Darwinism fueled imperialism by doing imperialistic states believe that their imperialistic ventures were a natural bend of events and non a cruel, opressionistic system of authorities. These imperialistic states exploited other states and civilizations and their military personnels motive was the glorification of the state and the obliteration of the weaker races on Earth. These soldiers believed in Social Darwinism. Besides, states were able to go imperialistic because of the support of their people. They marketed imperialism through Social Darwinism. Finally, when these weaker states were taken over, they were brainwashed to believe that the invasion and subjugation of their people were merely a consequence of nature. These laden people believed this because, harmonizing to Social Darwinism, merely the fittest survive.

And so, the imperialistic states would last and multiply while the laden civilisations were invaded and changed.Military personnels in the armed forces of these imperialistic states justified their actions through Social Darwinism. Troops in the Royal Armed Forces of Britain invaded more land than any other imperium that of all time existed. The military personnels invaded so successfully because they had sound motive. Their motive was the glorification of their state and their belief that by occupying these states, they were extinguishing the universe of weak races. The British believed that they were the highest race of people on Earth and so they plundered different states and civilizations and were motivated by Social Darwinism. If these military personnels were non motivated by Social Darwinism, their scrupless would object to their subjugation of other states.

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Obviously, non excessively many British military personnels had any troubled scrupless about the subjugation of foreign peoples. Therefore, the imperialistic states troops motive was the glorification of their state and Social Darwinism.Without the support of their people, imperialistic states could non prevail in occupying other states. So, imperialistic states marketed imperialism through Social Darwinism. Harmonizing to Social Darwinism, merely the fittest survive to eliminate the universe of weaker races. The theoretical result of Social Darwinism is Utopia. This is what the general public believed about Social Darwinism.

So, the authorities spread the word that by occupying these states, they were evangelising these barbarians. This is non at all true because they forced Christianity downthe people s pharynxs, which is immoral. Besides, they did non educate these indigens so that the British had a ground to remain in that state to evangelise and educate the people. An illustration of this is the colonisation of the Philippines by Spain. Spaniards refused to learn Filipinos the right Spanish so that the Spaniards could keep a grade of high quality over the Filipinos.

Besides, the Spaniards called the Filipinos indios. Obviously, these Spaniards did non care about educating the Filipinos. In fact, they taught them the incorrect Spanish. The Spaniards besides did non care for the well being of the Filipinos because they called them indios. Therefore, in order to sell imperialism to the general populace, imperialistic authoritiess used the theory that the result of their Social Darwinistic invasions would come out to be Utopia. Therefore, they used Social Darwinism to market imperialism.The laden people s belief in imperialism quelled the danger of revolution and rebellion for imperialistic states.

If the people of the laden state believed that they were being cleansed of their dirty and evil ways, they would welcome the encroachers as evangelizers. For illustration, in George Orwell s Burmese Days, Doctor Veraswami worships the Europeans and provinces that the indigens were the cause of disease and agony. This seemingly isn T true because it can be proven that the Europeans brought over diseases that became epidemics to their settlements.

Besides, the indigens couldn Ts have been the beginning of enduring if the British didn T control about every facet of their lives. Therefore, if the imperialistic states could convert the indigens that their presence was due to Social Darwinism and the indigens accepted it, they would hold alleviation from the concerns of rebellion.Ironically, nevertheless, despite the Europeans justification of imperialism, they fierily believed in creationism. Unofficially, the instruction of Darwinist theories was forbidden in schools. The United States went so far as to set a adult male on test for learning Darwinist theories in school.

This was the Scopes Monkey Trial. So, despite their undeniable, unshakeable belief in creationism, imperialistic states refused to halt believing in Social Darwinism as a justification for their oppressive actions.In decision, Social Darwinism fueled imperialism because it led imperialistic states to believe that the invasion and subjugation of different peoples was justified because it was a natural bend of events.


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