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How Genie Capture Is Different?Imagine you get a chance to communicate to the studentsof 2030? and you get to reminiscence days back at your school, how you used tosit in the classroom listening to your teacher explain a “then” complicatedtheory by trying hard to make it understandable to your tiny little brain –  drifting far away in some far-fetched galaxy,fighting Stranger Things demons along your companions – losing patience withyour constant daydreaming and huffing-puffing drawing on the board, used to dowonders for you. But the leaners well acquainted with modern learning styles willnot help but get gawkily curious at the absurdity of it. Seriously, drawing onthe board with a marker pen to explain a theory? how more backward could you be?well, those were the days! The world we live today is in constant process ofgradually evolving, relying on technology and so has its children gettingsmarter second by second. None can falsify the fact that learning experiencesare much more effective when they are interactive. Not only it makes you moreengaged throughout the process but you also learn faster than you would becompared to cramming over a textbook or reading an ePub book.

As an instructor it seems super-daunting to makecontent interactive, you know exactly how you want your content to look buthave precisely zilch idea how to actually make it happen. Not true anymore! GenieCapture has all the intuitivefeatures to make up-leveled e-learning interaction, your audience captivatedand your experience undaunted. Start with GenieCapture to attract modernlearners by experimenting with layers, and markers to easily add richinteractivity. To learn about the GenieCapture the below are some of facts listed,proving how it is different than your average simulations, scroll down!1. CompressibleVideos FilesIt is believed that videos put learners in a temporarypassive role and that they lack interactivity. However, with GenieCapture videorecording tool instructors can create videos that provoke discussions, invitelearners to analyze and think, be re-watched as many times as needed, containsmaller chunks of information which are easier to absorb, emotionally engagepeople, include websites, pictures, maps, captions and so many more.

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After all,the ability of visual stimuli to communicate is indisputable. GenieCapture factlist of Video:·        While creating videos with GenieCapture, each frame ofvideo is automatically stored to work on later, you no longer have to miss outlunch dates with friends! ·         Videos can becompressed to make it easier for the user to download them even through aturtle-paced internet connection. 2. Activity TrackerGenieCapture makes it easy for the instructors toengage the learner by enabling them to track the route. Say instructor clicks asequence of folders in desktop screen unless the user does the same, it wouldget notified of the mistake of crossing a wrong path. This feature explains tolearners what happens if they perform a task correctly or incorrectly—connectthe dots between a series of choices and their consequences.It places learners in a virtual and adaptive classroomwhere they can see step by step process of how to perform a certain task bybeing provided a guided walkthrough plus a checklist to show what they havedone and what is left to do more.

It could not have been easier for instructorsthan ever to show learners how to navigate through in a task. Users can createand manage quizzes and follow through tasks to develop a personalized learning environmentand thus increase the audience engagement with GenieCapture Activity Tracking tool.Tell aStory with Board RecorderStorytelling engages the learnersand connects them into the flow of the course. With GenieCapture, storytelling hasnever been more interesting. Delve deep in the content and use visuals to grablearner-attention.Board Recorder tool enables the instructor to make the story realistic and purposefulfor learners and keep the message clear. Drag and drop, include visuals andsummon your paint brush to bring a personal touch to your learning style.

Furthermore, user can use high quality images to illustrate majorplot points One Platform, Dozen eLearning ToolsWhy invest your precious time looking for three different apps forcreating your eLearning content, when GenieCapture can do all of it on oneplatform. GenieCapture enables the userto easily create voice, video, board recording and simultaneously merge theminto creative slides in matter of few minutes – depending on the coursematerial. Evaluation Analysis GenieCapture provides tools in its video simulationfeature – set evaluation criteria for video, activity tracking and boardrecording – to analyze the knowledge retention of each of the learner. Theinstructor is enabled to create the evaluation and feedback for each course.

Responsive OrientationGenieCapture can be accessed by every Operating Systemuser because of its responsive orientation. Content slide created on Windowscan easily run in Mac by both instructors and learners. Isn’t comforting? Afterinvesting all your time into creating it in the office Windows, knowing you caneasily with a flick of your finger locate and access it easily in your iPad intact.Furthermore, it can refined and updated if you must, without any distraction. 


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