How I Learned to Love Teaching Essay

AbstractAccording to Aristotle, teaching is the highest form of understanding.

A teacher could not impart new knowledge and skills unless he understands to the highest degree the concepts in which the lessons are embedded. It is by understanding that a teacher becomes an effective moderator of knowing and understanding between the students as the knower and the concepts and the objects as the things being known. Teaching should be done with the heart because this is a profession that goes beyond the standards set by the society.

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Usually, a teacher works more than the society’s definition of his profession because more than teaching, the teacher is bound to becoming the surrogate parents, the friend, the confidante, the coach, the counselor,  the sibling, the storyteller, the troubleshooter and most importantly, the caretaker.                                                                                                          Teaching Philosophy 3My Philosophy of Teaching            I have always crafted a picture of the world in my mind. The pictures could be in different settings with various characters. I have this very clear image of what the world could have been if there were no teachers around. The scene was terrifying. Without teachers, the world is not what it is now and what was it in the past.

Chaos was immaterial because the absence of teachers has caused more than a chaotic environment. I have searched for images of children playing. I have scoured for sounds of laughter and success.

I have scavenged amongst the scenarios of crime and chaos any hint of good life. I failed. It was a picture no one could ever wish to be in. It was a picture not deserving to be kept in memory chests of an individual. The absence of teachers creates no good life on earth.            I appreciate how I was nurtured in a home and in a school where teachers are primary managers of my learning activities. My experience as a student of teachers who cared and nourished me unselfishly made me an individual of worth. Had I not been into a school where teachers perform their functions with a heart that understands, I am not what I am today.

I could have turned into that one person unable to read at age level, unable to comprehend simple rules and instructions, unable to communicate feelings and thoughts, unable to gauge dangers or risks and unable to live life with direction.            I believe that teachers are real transformers of a child’s life. From the emptiness suggested by the theory of Tabula rasa, teachers were destined to fill them up with the right information. But teaching does not end in just imparting knowledge. The real matter is teaching the right knowledge and skills in the most appropriate manner because the mind is actually more than a vessel to be filled.

One cannot learn if teaching strategies are not suited to the learner.                                                                                                          Teaching Philosophy 2According to BF Skinner, it is the teacher’s function to contrive conditions under which students learn. It has always been the task of formal education to set up behavior which would prove useful or enjoyable later in a student’s life. Thus, a teacher is a teacher long before he or she enters the classroom. The teacher needs to make favorable conditions to transform everything into an environment conducive to effective transfer of learning. I think that it is the teacher’s responsibility to go beyond the books and scan other resources to broaden the horizons of the students.

From preparing visual materials and getting equipped with the knowledge and ability to manipulate and utilize multimedia tools, teachers should be able to conduct further  research, use other references and creatively introduce lessons for more varied learning and teaching styles.            The teacher is bound to innovate teaching in order to suit the distinctions of one student to another. I know that inside every child is a talent or skill inherent and special. This is the reason why teacher must respect individual differences along with the recognition that each different behavior and character should be dealt with care and understanding. Indeed, Bertrand Russell was right when he said, no man can be a good teacher unless he has feelings of warm affection toward his pupils and a genuine desire to impart to them what he himself believes to be of value.As I view it, I believe that reading is of great importance.

It is a life skill which one could use wherever he will go or whatever endeavor he will engage into. I remember how I was taught to read when I was in my preschool years. My teacher would say the written words aloud, would let us repeat after her and would ask volunteers to read to the class those words. I would used to                                                                                                          Teaching Philosophy 5raise my hands every time a volunteer is asked. This is quite boring ad ordinary strategy of learning how to read.

I think it could be more effective to emphasize on whole language and give special focus to problematic sounds. The learning of proper sounds could be in the form of games to make learning more exciting. The children should be able to understand the meaning of what they read. Learning how to read is done by repetition of words and not of sounds.Conclusion            More than being born with parents who are teachers and having the experience to teach Sunday school classes, I know that I can manage a classroom of my own because Stephen F. Austin prepared me to become the teacher that I am destined to be. I love children and I know that as I progress to acquire more knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher, I am also bound to transform the world. I would always remember how my parents have touched more than just my life.

I will always take pride of how they became second parents to hundreds of other children in the schools they served for years. As I tread my path towards achieving my dream of becoming a teacher, I will gradually recreate the images I have crafted in mind into something more appealing and inspiring as I advocate for the transformation of the world through existence of teachers that enhance not just a child’s chance to survive but also his opportunity to savor good life.                                                                                                          Philosophy of Teaching 6Reference:Kizlik, R.J. 2010. Becoming a Teacher. http://www. February 13, 2010.;


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