How Hamlet Was Influenced by Others Essay

In Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, Hamlet is easily influenced, he relies on the remarks of his father, mother, and member of the Fortinbras army to make decision on whether to kill his uncle Claudius, who is now King. The ghost of Hamlet’s father influences him to seek revenge and prove Claudius’ guilt.

Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, influences Hamlets behaviour, causing him to lash out and attempt revenge. A conversation Hamlet has with the Capitan of the Fortinbras army influences him to finally man up to the situation he is in, ultimately ending it all by killing Claudius.Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, influences him by visiting Hamlet as a ghost and telling him to seek revenge. Hamlet believes his father and stages a play in which it would capture Claudius’ guilt of killing King Hamlet-it worked. Hamlet would not have thought to create a play had his deceased father not visited him.

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After that incident, Hamlet started thinking of ways to seek revenge, but that was all he was doing: thinking.Hamlets mother, Queen Gertrude, influences Hamlet’s behaviour causing him to lash out and attempt revenge. Hamlet and his mom were having a heated conversation in the Queen’s room, Hamlet was criticising his mother for disrespecting his father, her former husband, and for marrying Claudius. This is why Hamlet lashes out in anger, Hamlet slays his sword through the tapestry thinking it’s Claudius-it was not. It Gertrude’s influence on her son that drives him to attempt revenge by slaying through the tapestry.Hamlet has a conversation with the Capitan of the Fortinbras army, and it was that conversation that influenced Hamlet to finally kill Claudius.

Talking to the Capitan made Hamlet realize he has to take action, if the Fortinbras army can go to war over a miniscule matter, Hamlet can go to war over a huge matter that has been haunting him. After talking to the Capitan Hamlet realizes he has been very hesitant in seeking revenge because of over-analyzing his thoughts, and he vows that he will finally take action. He does.With the way Shakespeare portrays Hamlet, he seems insane, but he was indeed sane, he was a good actor who was influenced by a lot of people in his life. Hamlet could problem solve well enough, but he let the influences of others linger in his brain making him over-analyze situations. It was clear Hamlet thought the ghost of his father that he was real, he was influenced because he loves his father and wants revenge for his death.

Claudius ran off after the poison scene, and that proved to Hamlet that Claudius was guilty, yet he did nothing.Queen Gertrude influences Hamlet by making him emotionally crazed-lashing out trying to kill spontaneously. The Capitan of the Fortinbras army makes Hamlet realize that he has to fight, to shed blood for what he believes in, for what he wants.

Everyone is a Hamlet. We are constantly influenced by others, we rationalize way to often, and we want to fight for what we love, but sometimes are to afraid. How can Hamlet be the one whose insane when his actions were based on what everyone around him believed and made him feel?


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