How Glucose Concentration Affects Mass Biology Essay

I was shown an illustration of Osmosis, which involved a murphy bit and 5 % glucose solution ; we saw that as the glucose solution, was left with the murphy given 24 hours, the murphy had gained mass due to the glucose solution being more concentrated than the murphy bit. Here is a scientifically right definition of Osmosis.I set up 5 flasks for this experiment, and added in each beaker 30ml of one the four different solutions and so distilled H2O ( pat ) , I so labelled consequently.

I so weighed each murphy bit and tried to acquire them more or less 0.9g and so measured them for added truth. I besides recorded the texture before and after the trial. I so left the preliminary trial beakers until the terminal of the lesson where I recorded the consequences and analyses them following lesson. What I concluded from the consequences was that the murphy bit in the distilled H2O, gained the most mass. This happened because the murphy is semi-permeable and the H2O molecules were little plenty to suit in and the H2O goes to the topographic point where there is less concentration. It took longer for the H2O to acquire into the murphy from the sucrose solution, because there were fewer molecules on the outside. From preliminary proving I decided on a suited scope for the existent trial of about 0.

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10-0.40 alteration in mass.I have identified a possible factor which may impact the result of my probe which is Temperature. An addition in temperature Acts of the Apostless as a accelerator which speeds up reactions, although osmosis is n’t a reaction I have had to believe about the consequence of which it could hold, and I have concluded from talking with co-workers and professionals that it would impact osmosis. We know that osmosis is caused by molecule motions so, when temperature goes higher, molecules move quicker. So, Osmosis will increase.If we decrease temperature, the rate of Osmosis will diminish excessively. I have taken control of this by guaranting that all the beakers remain the same temperature, so by go forthing them at room temperature in the same room this should extinguish temperature from impacting my consequences.

Alterations to initial program from preliminary trialI decided to increase the sum of solution to vouch a sustained period of osmosis, and the get downing mass of the murphy bit to increase it from 0.6g to 0.9g to enable more clear consequences and larger Numberss to cover with and besides to go forth the trial for longer ( approx 24 hours ) to guarantee that osmosis has taken topographic point and given more of a opportunity to move and for us to notice consequences. From the preliminary trial some equipment I have decided to alter where appropriate for valid grounds. I have decided to utilize the smaller measurement cylinder to mensurate the solution more accurately.





5To keep solution and murphy bit for 24 hours.

Potato Chips

8Semi-Permeable Membrane, ( Extra in instance of breakages ) .

Solutions ( 1 % ,2 % ,5 % ,10 % & A ; 0 % ) .

40 milliliter of eachIt is the footing of the probe.


1To mensurate length of murphy french friess.

Measuring Cylinder ( Small )

1To mensurate the solution accurately.

Board & A ; Scalpel

1To cut up potato french friess.I have chosen to utilize beakers non conelike flasks as acquiring the murphy french friess out of the flash without doing breakages at the terminal would be near on impossible and so to accurately acquire consequences like length could easy be affected. I chose to utilize 40ml of solution as it covers the murphy french friess to the full and is a sensible sum without excess unneeded solution.

I thought it would be a good thought on how to break measure my trial like demoing a measure by measure program on my process and supply justification of making so.Label 5 Beakers with solution names and my initials ( for easy acknowledgment ) .Measure and add 40ml of the right solution into each beaker.Then step and weigh murphy french friess, weight must be within 0.05g of 0.9gTake note of solution french friess added to, and so go forth for approx 24 hours.Real TrialThe following phase of the probe was to finish the existent trial, utilizing the above program and alterations here are the consequences below. I needed to guarantee this was traveling to remain a just trial so I needed to accurately mensurate the solution and murphy french friess each clip, as if non done decently or written down falsely it could impact my consequences.

I besides needed to put the french friess in at the same clip. There was merely one variable which was the solution and everything else had to remain the same, with one exclusion of the murphy french friess with a 0.05g leeway.Solution



Texture After

Change in Mass


Distilled Water0.

951.2630mm35mmHard0.311 %0.

931.2130mm34mmHard0.282 %0.

941.1530mm33mmHard0.215 %0.931.1230mm32mmHard0.1910 % *Anomaly* i?0.

870.871.011.1230mm30mm32mm32mmHardHard0.140.25By looking at the consequences I can see a really clear tendency. With that the higher the concentration the lower the alteration in mass and there is besides a similar form in length with the most growing in the lupus erythematosus concentrated solutions.

This is an reverse relationship.I have identified an anomalousness from my informations ; I decided this was an anomalousness as it did n’t suit the general tendency of the experiment and goes against my osmosis theory. I concluded this would n’t be just to establish a graph on it, or utilize it in my consequences so I repeated the trial for the 10 % solution.I felt I needed to acquire another set of consequences so I could compose a comparing of kind, so because we did n’t hold adequate clip in category to reiterate the experiment, I borrowed a dependable set of consequences from a friend. By holding 2 sets of informations, I can either utilize the 2nd set to back-up the dependability of my informations or to size up it.









0.63g0.88g18mmPermission to utilize their informations was kindly granted by Laura Barker.


1 %


2 %



5 %


10 %


58g0.58g18mm18mmIn comparing the consequences differ but both show similar tendencies for Mass and Length. The alterations are different, but this is most likely due to the different invariables that they used which was 20ml of solution non 40ml.I have produced an appropriate spread graph which shows a correlativity between the concentrations of solution with the alteration in mass. I merely chose to demo the alteration in mass, as I felt that this showed the most important alteration to establish my decision on.

The graph shows a unequivocal strong negative correlativity between mass and concentration of solution, which is what I expected in relation to my hypothesis. The graph shows that the concentration within the cell is 10 % or higher, we could foretell this utilizing the lines of best tantrum, and their equations.I observed the murphy french friess and noticed that the tegument of the murphy stretched which provided once more more grounds of the murphies dilation. I besides observed thatDecisionIn Conclusion I believe that Osmosis has happened within the cell ( potato bit ) due to valuable grounds by 2 sets of informations. Although I can non work out norms for this peculiar experiment as we did n’t hold clip to reiterate there can be some restrictions.

But we can think that the murphy bit has a higher concentration of glucose in its cell, as it expanded and gained molecules, where it evidently did n’t lose any because all french friess gained mass. So we can see that 10 % is likely a similar per centum of concentration of that in the murphy cell. I besides notice an opposite relationship by looking at my graphs and the numerical information ; I can see that when the solution strength increases the alteration in mass lessenings, this proves the theory of osmosis. The scope of my experiment was sufficient plenty to turn out the theory of Osmosis.EvaluationI believe there could be alternate ways to roll up the information I collected by possibly looking at a smaller mass of murphy bit and merely giving it a few hours for osmosis to go on.There are besides alternate methods to turn out osmosis. Alternatively of altering the solution strength I could hold changed mass of the murphy, surface country of the murphy, utilize a more varied scope of concentrations.There have been restrictions to my decision due to the fact I did n’t hold clip to reiterate the experiment.

Possibly I could hold placed two potato french friess in each solution to salvage clip, and possibly dye the 2nd one a different coloring material possible utilizing ruddy chou juice or nutrient coloring. I could hold improves the truth of my informations by possibly mensurating the girth of the murphy bit before and after every bit good as the length.The grounds was gathered reasonably, with the french friess being in the solution the same sum of clip, clip same sum of solution, and accurate readings, weighing & A ; usage of sophisticated equipment including seeing, so I would believe the information is pretty dependable. We did hold one anomalousness but the trial was repeated and a new consequence taken. My consequences relate to the theory of osmosis which hence proves the dependability as being good.To assist do the informations more secure we should hold taken measuring of possibly the denseness of the murphy french friess or volume of it to assist visualize the alteration in mass. But the all consequences were exactly measured so the information should be dependable & A ; secure.

If I was to reiterate the experiment I would hold a larger scope of concentration to trap point precisely the concentration of the murphy as an added fillip.


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