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Be The Epitome Of The American Dream And Its Failure Essay, Research PaperThe Great Gatsby is a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is set inthe 19 mid-twentiess in the alone narrative manner which is that he is composingabout a fictional character called Nick Carraway composing a book about a adult malecalled Jay Gatsby who he feels was a adult male? who represented everything for whichI have an unaffected scorn.Gatsby is a really rich yet contradictory character, He is portrayedthroughout the novel as being epic individual because during the war her receiveda decoration from? every allied state? the decoration symbolizes some of the best andmost baronial traits of human nature such as heroism, award and courage but in anutmost instance of dramatic sarcasm such a heroic adult male he can non raise the bravery toengage Daisy. Another side of Gatsby? s contradictory nature is the idealisticmanner he chases Daisy every bit good as the fulfilment of his dream yet he is highlyreckless in the manner he confronts Tom and lets Tom let go of the nonliteral shadesthat are Gatsby? s past life particularly his condemnable activities.

PossiblyFitzgerald designed Nick? s position of Gatsby in such a manner that he is mocking himand the American dream.Many critics wear? t position Gatsby in this manner ; they see him as a felonwho obtained wealth through offense and contacts more normally associated withthe mobster epoch in the 1960? s. Even though he is really affluent he is everseen as figure two to Mayor Wolfshiem and this adds to the sinister undertonesin the novel yet Gatsby appears to be really European importation all right apparels andautos every bit good as life in a sign of the zodiac based on a Gallic theoretical account possibly this is usedto add a touch of category to this condemnable component of his life.My personal position of Gatsby is that he is? the prototype? of the Americandream, he is really baronial, brave and a? ego made adult male? but he is na & # 207 ; ve inbelieving that difficult work and doggedness is all you need to accomplish everythingyou want.

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He besides has a big fond regard to the yesteryear and he believes he canalteration it? Can? t repetition the yesteryear? he said unbelievingly? ? of class you can? every bit good as this he has abig image of Dan Cody the adult male who made him what he. This could be linkedback to my early remark in that Gatsby is seeking to retroflex the alleged? old manner blue bloods? which purportedly had everything that wanted. I think Gatsby acts in this manner because before he achieved his luckand was with daisy he believed they genuinely happy and the fact he attempts tocommit self-destruction during the war lends itself to this. The footing of the Americandream is wealth, felicity and freedom and by the American fundamental law everycitizen is entitled to this. Another sarcasm is that Gatsby has ever had two ofthese ideals but ne’er the 3rd one to do him genuinely complete and he believesDaisy is the key.Nicks position of Gatsby is really of import as he is the storyteller and heappears to be one of the few people that really likes and respects Gatsby asa individual and non for what he owns. Nick uses really nonliteral linguistic communication todescribes Gatsby? s personality and character by stating? If personality is anunbroken series of successful gestures so there was something gorgeous abouthim, ? Gatsby appears to be a adult male who truly attentions and has this thereoccurring? smiling? which appears to be really guaranting to the other charactersparticularly Nick.

I believe Gatsby is a really baffled individual who does hold some? heightened sensitiveness to the promise of life? where as some people criticsperceive this and Gatsby? s whole image is a show, which hides his true characterthat, which is that of a condemnable. This is besides backed by Fitzgerald? sboding Gatsby? s dark secret, which is why he is ne’er shown in sunshinebut this could be interpreted as a manner of concealment for the ghosts that hauntGatsby. ? Gatsby is externally an ideal campaigner for the American dream ; at theclip he would hold been considered a true gentleman due to his supposedupbringing and wealth. He started from nil but invariably strived tobetter himself as the infusion from Gatsby? s journal shows yet no affair how difficulthe tries he can genuinely come in the universe of the nobility this relates to Nickposition that he had? a Platonic construct? of himself this is a brilliantcomparing to Gatsby as Plato said that the aristocracy had a psyche of gold and theworking category had a psyche of bronze and that no affair how hard you tried youcould ne’er travel to another class.Beneath this flash exterior, he has a really different character, he is ashy and lonely which is the chief ground he holds these munificent party? s to concealthis and it is a superb usage of dramatic sarcasm to demo that Gatsby is aunhappy adult male These factors aren? T truly the ground Gatsby fails to accomplish hisdreams. The more of import factors of Gatsby? s failure are his, naivete,trueness, Tom and Daisy.His wealth and trueness are two qualities that escalated his failure,First his great wealth isolated him from society, although he held theseparties he was ne’er a portion of them because of his trueness and love towardsDaisy, Gatsby is so enthralled by this adult females he can even remember the day of the month thelast meet? five old ages in November? like a love sick puppy but this could besidesbeen seen as a function reversal as normally it is the adult females who remember suchthings and the work forces who forget.

Daisy, Nicks cousin is portrayed as being a good educated adult females marriedto a rich adult male called Tom Buchanan. Daisy is ever shown or being described aswhite or silver these are associated with artlessness and pureness and this isreflected in her character and the fact that she can? t decide between Tom orGatsby and it was determination that brought about the failure of his dream and asNick says it? Must have seem so near he could he could barely neglect to hold onit. ? Gatsby firm belief that you can alter the yesteryear and some say hiswill to populate but it was Tom Buchanan? s Very nature and haughtiness that endedGatsby? s life. At the clip Gatsby would hold been seen as? New money? andhence alienated from the blue bloods who had inherited their money fromthere parents.

Fitzgerald was frequently referred to as the laureate of the wind agehis book to typify? The boom mid-twentiess, ? and during this clip as withtoday money is power and power is a supposed to be a major aphrodisiac foradult females and I think that is the chief ground behind him driving Gatsby auto every bit goodas seeking to demo off. ? Possibly Tom had non takenGatsby? s auto so he heighten his image, Myrtle would non hold run towards the autoand who she thought was Tom. The accident itself may still hold happened but Gatsbywould non be involved and may hold won the miss after all. My personal sentimentis that Gatsby and Myrtle are rather similar they both wish to derive felicityand power through matrimony although these appear in different signifiers and it isthis desire that leads to both there deathsGatsby lived for and breathed for the American dream and some criticssay that when he lost Daisy he was basically a cadaver waiting to decease butwould he hold recovered from this blow like he did during war. Although somecritics believe that there was no interior significance to this novel I think that itshows us that money can non purchase usage felicity non even in the Land of hope andglory.The Great Gatsby is considered to be Fitzgerald? s greatest work becauseof it simpleness where as his other plants such as? narratives of the wind age? werefatally flawed. The books its ego was Fitzgerald contemplation on the his epoch andI believe it is and deserves the rubric of a? literary classic.

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