How does marketing help society Essay

ASSESSMENT 1:  Week 2Context:                You are a marketer entering into negotiations to work for a firm called “Healthy School Lunch!”  This firm has the usual suspicions about marketing; that it is bad for society and that marketing is simply advertising.

Company:              Healthy School Lunch! provide pre-packaged healthy lunches for school children as an alternative to unhealthy canteen meals often provided by schools.  The firm are interested in some help, but are cautious.  Over the next four weeks you need to discuss marketing with them and use your knowledge to convince them that marketing can work for their business.Question:              How does marketing help society?  Consider ethics and social responsibility.  Discuss in relation to your potential work for Health School Lunch!Answer:1.

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        Abstract·         Marketing improves business performance, benefits society by creating employment and wealth and contributes to a higher quality of life through better products and the promotion of consumer and social welfare.2.       Introduction·         Businesses have a responsibility to act ethically and for the benefit of society as a whole.

  They can do this by being aware of what the market needs and ensuring that they market their product effectively to bring awareness of it and increase consumer knowledge about it.3.       Definition of key terms·         Ethics is a set of moral principles that guide attitudes and behaviour (Elliot et al 2010, p.515)·         Corporate Social Responsibility is the obligation of businesses to act in the interest of the societies that sustain them (Elliot et al 2010, p.515)·         Sociocultural forces are the social and cultural factors that affect people’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, preferences, customs and lifestyles (Elliot et al 2010, p.50)4.

       Relationship to Healthy School Lunch!·         Marketing a product line such as Healthy School Lunch! will benefit society as it will lead to them being informed of an alternative option to what is currently in the marketplace – the generally unhealthy canteen meals &/or pre-packaged lunch box fillers from supermarkets. Professor Segal states “..

.the market can’t work unless people have good information, not only about the choices out there, but how their choices will affect their health – not just today, but in the future” (“Marketing failure”, 2009, August 27, para 9).  Increased sales, can lead to further employment opportunities within your organisation, leading to greater wealth shared amongst your internal staff and firm structures.  You are offering a product which is socially responsible and thereby marketing can bring this into the spotlight for the sociocultural consumers in the marketplace, hence lifting your position within your competitive market space.5.       Conclusion·         Marketing can assist Healthy School Lunch! to raise their profile amongst their competitors and increasing their exposure to potential customers.  This can lead to an increase in sales and also a proportional increase to shareholder wealth.

  The product is ethical and acts in a responsible manner to society by offering it.  Marketing this product can only have a positive impact on society and your bottom line.    It is not a cost, rather an investment in your business’ future and the society in which your business is sustained.6.

       Reference List·         Elliott, G., Rundle-Thiele, S., & Waller, D. (2010). Marketing. Milton, QLD: John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd·         Herbert, B.

(2009, August 27). Marketing failure to blame for Australia’s obesity. ABC News. Retrieved August 28, 2008, from 


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