How Does D.H. Lawrence Describe the Snake and Capture His Opinion of It in His Poem “Snake” Essay

How does D. H. Lawrence describe the snake and capture his opinion of it in his poem “Snake” “Snake” by D.

H. Lawrence is about a snake is living near him. The snake went to D. H.

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Lawrence water-trough to drink water. He describes his own feeling about the snake. After that he wants to kill it but he regretted immediately.

D. H. Lawrence describes the snake in the first six stanzas.

He used the sibilance ‘Softly drank through his straight gums, into his slack long body, Silently’ to describe the sound of the snake.The’s’ in the sentences the make the reader think the snake’s hissing sound. And the word ‘fissure’ is describing the sound but it just sound like the hiss of the snake.

He use different ways to talk about the hiss of the snake shows‘s’ sound is the symbol of the snake. He also describes the colour and the shape of the snake too. He describe it in ‘yellow-brown’ at the first time, which suggests something quite unpleasant and it is not really powerful and not nice, but he wrote ‘Gold’ to describe the snake shows that it is beautiful and really powerful like the King of the world.He uses a really long sentence to describe the length of the snake. He use repletion of ‘slack’ in ‘slackness soft-bellied’ and ‘slack long body’ to emphasises what the snake looks like and he use a sibilance to describe the shape.

He describes the snake’s movement when it is relaxed and frightened. He uses repletion ‘Slowly’ in ’Slowly…


. Very slowly’ show how the snake moves and ‘Lifted his head, dreamily, as one who has drunk’ shows it is swaying, almost as if it is dizzy when it is relaxed.He also uses a simile ‘He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do’ show the snake looks friend and kind when it is relaxed-like a cow. He use a simile ‘Writhed like lightning’ and word choice ‘convulsed in undignified haste’ show it move really fast when it is really frightened. In this poem, we read it slowly because it is in a really long sentence. He describes the snake in great detail showing he looked closely at it use ‘and slowly turned his head’ and ‘yellow- brown slackness soft-bellied’. He also describes the horror and the sense of how exotic the snake is.

He use adjectives and repetition to describes the horror at the snake; he use ‘dreadful’ and ‘horrid black’ those two adjectives and repetition ’A sort of horror, a sort of protest’. He uses the setting of ‘the deep, strange-scented shade’ and the imagery of ‘earth-golden from the burning bowels of the earth’. The two main conflicting views about the snake that are presented in this poem are in negative and positive way. The negative way is ‘The voice of my education said to me he must be killed’, ‘I was most afraid’ and ‘ A sort of horror….

Overcame me’. The positive way is ‘how glad I was…I felt so honoured’, the description is ‘peaceful, pacified and thankless’ and the simile is ‘like a god’- show us the snake is really powerful. The poet expresses lots of feelings of the writer.

He describes the snake in great detail showing he looked closely at it – ‘And slowly turned his head’ and ‘yellow-brown slackness soft-bellied’. He uses adjectives ’dreadful’ and ‘horrid black’ and repletion ‘A sort of Horror, a sort of protest’ to describes the horror at the snake.He also use the setting ‘the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark carob-tree’ and the imagery ’earth-golden from the burning bowels of the earth’ to describes the sense of how exotic the snake is. The poem use lots of ‘se….. se…..

’ sound to show what the snake sound like, snake is devil and really bad, it is not a good animals and black is a non-toxic snake and the yellow-brown is really toxic. That all the poem affected my thinking about the snake.


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