How Can Women Continue the Fight for Gender Equality? Essay

Place where it is continuously changing and it does not stop for anyone. By the world changing it has bought a new light on women, due to them not being known as housewives but CEO’s of companies. With women making a mark in our world , they have different priorities and put aside the marriage and the baby and continue to run a business or work for a living. With the advancement of the world and the society it has put aside the religious beliefs and goes on with its own agenda at hand. We has people still believe in religious beliefs that we have inherited since we were young.

With society changing , one thing as humans that will always will be stable in our life, is our beliefs in our unique religions. Especially the religious beliefs and religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, make it their duty to prevent from their devotees from having premarital sex and taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. The religion of Christianity is a congagertion of people which restrain from having premarital sex and tasking birth control pills due to it being sinful. Christianity is a religion, which is originated from the Jewish heritage.This religion like the other middle east religions are also a monotheistic religion, meaning they believe in the oneness of god.

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One of the few major beliefs around the world in Christianity. This type of religion teaches, people that having sex before getting married is not only wrong but is also considered a sinful act, which result into a person going to hell. However people have sex and they think they could justify their actions by stating ” as long one is in love it doesn’t matter if the couple… ngage in premarital sex. ” This way of thinking is incorrect because in order for a couple to make love they both need to be married and be in love with each other, or else it is considered rape in the eyes of the law. Not only will it be considered to be considered rape in or society but in the eyes of god, when a women and a man both unmarried practice premarital sex a severe punishment will be given to them on the day of Judgement.

God in the bible and in various of sacred writing encourages for a couple to produce children. ( elaborate) Quote A priest of a church and the congregation speaks knowledge of god and prevents for a couple to go down the wrong path. Also the bible is also a guidance for a couple as well , due to in the bible indicating that “God wants children in the world and he considered them a blessing to parents”().This demonstrates that god encourages a couple to fulfill the sexual desire as a married couple as well has produce babies. Also god does not indicate when a married couple should produce a baby , it is just said that it needs to be done .

Conclusion For one to consider the sinful the acts and punishments that will occur, it is just for suitable to not engage in premarital sex and birth control. The religion of Islam is a congregation which forbid premarital sex and birth control pills. The religion of Islam also comes from


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