House 2012, affordable housing can be defined

Houseor shelter is a basic human need to be fulfilled where it would contributesignificantly to the socio-economic development and welfare of the community.Hence, Family Welfare and Community that became as the tagline for this study willensure the affordable housing for the low-income households can be fully metnot only in terms of sufficient quantity but also quality in terms of itsstrategic position, complete with amenities and a healthy environment andsecure. According to Abed, 2012,affordable housing can be defined as a relationship between housing and people.For some people all housing is affordable, no matter how expensive it is, forothers no housing is affordable unless it is free”. Affordability in housingmarket is one of the major problem facing middle-lower income group due to thecontinuous increase of construction costs.

Affordability is usually measured bythe relation between the household income and the housing cost, in order tounderstand this relation it is required to understand the classification ofhousehold according to their income (Abed, 2012). Based on the MalaysianUrban-Rural-National Network on Sustainable Development Indicators (MURNInet,2017), the definition of affordable housing is defined as covering the housesbuilt for low-income households, low-medium and medium. It is related to theability of the income (monthly) various groups of households to pay for atleast 1/3 of the total household income for the purpose of payment (ownershipor lease) without burdening households pay the costs of another life. The current scenario in the countryis found that there is affordable housings are located in less strategiclocation and was not equipped with adequate facilities, thereby causing anincrease in the cost of living and living environments are less secure andcomfortable (0National Housing Policy, 2013).

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Therefore, through this study canguide the implementing agencies in developing quality of affordable housingwhere each able to influence and shape human behavior and its community,productivity and overall national development. One the other hand, the are varioustype of issue of housing which are about the location of the houses, the priceof the houses, lack of land in urban area and the accessibility to thecommunity facilities. 


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