Honorable reliable water supply’. Water is very

Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations, Before and now, still the problem about water is very serious and also this problem causes another problem which that some humans couldn’t have any pure and reliable water supply.

We really need to solve this problem not only for human who doesn’t have reliable water supply, but for all people living around the world. So the Delegate of Singapore strongly recommends UNHRC to discuss the way we could protect human rights by reliable water supply regarding the Agenda on ‘Protecting human rights through ensuring sanitary and reliable water supply’. Water is very important resource for human and every organism. Drinking water is very important for human. If people do not drink water, they even can die.

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However, as our agenda tells us, there are some human who can’t drink any water. This means that their human rights of reliable water are not protected. For example, Africa which is one of water shortage state was fundamentally water poor but because of drought, water shortages became poorer.

Also due to the worst drought in 40 years, not only people but also animals are dying of hunger. This led to food shortages, and the lack of food led to absolute poverty. Even when they search for water, it takes an average of five hours or more a day to find water. On now, 1/3(One third) of the world’s population suffers from severe water shortages and by 2025, 2/3(two thirds) of the world’s population will live in water-hungry nations. We really need to know the seriousness of human rights about the water and we don’t want any humans to suffer from water shortage.

At first, I want to tell that us Singapore was once a state which had problem with water. This means that we were once a human who needed to be protected by reliable water supply. So that caused us to buy water from Malaysia once. However, now we don’t buy any water and solved water problem by starting some projects making polluted water to clean and reliable water. To tell one of our project we used to solve the water problem, there is cluster project. Also we had corporation such as Hyflux. This corporation helped making clean water by seawater desalination and now it is the world`s largest membrane based desalination plant operating in Singapore. We have felt water shortages once, so we know people’s pain of water shortage too.

We will do our best to help people with water shortage and try to keep their human rights by reliable water especially with telling them purifying water. Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,Thank you very much.


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