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Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,  The Delegate of Luxembourg strongly recommends the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs to discuss upon Measures to Conduct Space Colonization and Appropriate Resources regarding the agenda on Agenda A.    Much to our regret, there have been several conflicts around the world about the imperialist expansion of space, which includes resource grabbing and monopolization. Unlikely to the United Nation’s considerate purpose of giving universal benefits for the all mankind by space exploration, it is undeniable that not just a little number of member states have fallen into overheated race of ‘space imperialism’. Despite the fact that The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been currently endeavoring for legalization of global space exploration, it is crucial that the United Nations work together to solve the problem and seek for promising results.

The delegation of Luxembourg offers to The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs to take this phenomenon as a pleasure, and consider as a serious issue to deal with at the same time.  Fully aware that Luxembourg had already made remarkable efforts to the global society on the field of geostationary communications satellite by managing SES S.A., The Chamber of Deputies adopted the law of exploration and use of space resources, also known as ‘the Space Law’ on July 20th, 2017. This creates a licensing and supervisory regime in Luxembourg addressing the ownership of resources acquired in space.

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    Luxembourg is the first European country to adopt legislation regulating the ownership of resources acquired in space by commercial companies, providing legal certainty for commercial projects in the space sector. The Outer Space Treaty dating back to 1967, signed by 107 countries including Luxembourg, established principles for the peaceful and free exploration of space by nation states. However, The Outer Space Treaty does not address the ownership by private organizations of the resources harvested from NEOs by, for example, asteroid mining, including metals, minerals, and gases, which clarifies that the nation is free from extracting outer space resources from those that are listed above. Other than those, the government of Luxembourg authorized the civilian enterprisers to guarantee rights of freedom to extract resources from outers pace materials.     The significance of technical approach to space has been increasing rapidly as time passes by.

The universe is being considered as the next term’s heritage for the humankind near future; and yet it is not being possessed, nor pioneered by any. Not to our surprise, nations that entered to twenty first century’s space race are not a small amount of number. To be specific, India, China, Japan and more countries that are proved recently that they have capability to exert influence to the global society, have already become one of the powerhouses to this branch. With the certainty that this realm would likely be another inevitable impediments for the global society to fall in controversies, it would never be late for the United Nations to adopt legislative system at this chance.   The contribution of pioneering the field of legal space colonization from Luxembourg gave a guideline to the nations that are arranging for their own journey of space colonization.   Thus, this delegation offers to adopt advanced space laws of Luxembourg and the communication satellite system to the world in the field of space colonization.

New laws which were legislated by the Luxembourg government a year ago proved to all nations that it is flexible of handling innumerable cases. Furthermore, Luxembourgish communication satellites, including SES-licensed satellites are transported throughout the world already. Uniting various nations’ satellite into one insures promotion and initiative acts from member states, since they are guaranteed freedom of research and information. From the organized system, we can expect the reinforcement of the member states’ reliability each other, and hopefully come out with promising results. 


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