Honor part, the empirical data of this

            HonorKilling in Pakistan                        An analytical study comprising the abuse ofhonor killing in Pakistan.     Authors:ABDUL HASEEB KHAN,M. UMER MUNIR,M. DANISH ASHRAF                                        Date: 08-01-2018NUST, CEME Rawalpindi, Pakistan.AbstractThe stated problem of honor killing has been firstanalyzed using theoretical and analytical approach. In this part, the empiricaldata of this problem during last decade is tested and tried to find the role ofthe different perceptions prevailing in the Pakistani society about honorkilling. The study also incorporates the research regarding the Islamic viewsas a 2nd part regarding the stated issue.

In this part, the statusof women, their rights and free will to choose their life partner arediscussed.                    The study is majorly conducted using the qualitative methods. At the endsome findings are stated and the results show that the practice of honorkilling in Pakistan is mainly linked to the wrong perceptions in differentparts of the Pakistani society: Qur’anic and prophetic Islam has nothing to dowith this abuse.

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The paper also clarifies the misunderstandings; foreigncommunity have in their minds about the Pakistani society.Key Words:              AbbreviationsAHRC…………………………………..Asian human rights commissionALRC…………………………………..

.Asian Legal Resource CentreHRCP…………………………………..

.Human Rights Comm. PakistanPPC…………………………………….Pakistan Penal Code                  Add Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines1. Introduction                        About 100 years agohuman rights declaration gave every one the right to live his own way inwhatever order he/she likes.

Both men/women were set free to make their owndecisions including right to marriage. The same right was given to a womenabout 1400 years ago by prophet MUHAMMAD (p.b.u.h). UDHR 1948 states,                                    “everyone isentitled to all the rights and freedom set forth in this declaration of anykind , such as race, color, sex…………………………………” (Ian, et al.,2006:23)In other words, marriage is under full authority of the twoindividuals.

However contrary to all these allocation of human rights, women inPakistan are still fighting the war of rights. Women are still sentenced to deathfor the so called “HONOR” of their family if they choose life partner contraryto the family decision. This problem is not limited to the boundaries ofPakistan only but is observed in major areas around the globe. As per thewidely accepted definition Honor Killing is:                                “a crime whichis committed by male family members against a female relative, when the familybelieves that she has brought shame on her family and disregarded their honor.”             Andaccording to united nations population every year about 5000 women are killedin the name of honor.                 1.

1.                 Background            Even inthis modern and lawful age, women of Pakistan is the subject of all kind of violence’sand abuse at the hands of males, family and community. Women are beaten,subjected to violence, and even sentenced to death in the name of “HONOR”. Asper the estimate one fifth of this abuse is committed in Pakistan every year. Everyday at least three women face the cruel face of this abuse in Pakistan.

 In Pakistani society if a women loses honor itbrings disgrace to the family as nothing else is considered more important thanthe female chastity, to defend it the women is killed and no other options areeven considered.Data from different resources states that the number ofhonor killing has increased significantly in Pakistan. HRCP 2008 states that2000 women got killed in 2005-08 and in 2009 it increased to 647.This abuse is also observed in other countries as well likemiddle east, Europe and south Asia.

But it is the different name that is usedfor the same act like some people consider it the religious extension of Islam.Today, Islam and Muslims are charged, as Islam is to be misogynist and thatfosters this phenomenon of honor killing in the eyes of west. However the factis that there is no place of honor killing in Islam, as Islam does not forbidanyone from seeing a person of opposite gender against the wishes of theirfamilies. Hence punishing a women for seeing someone is not an Islamic act byany means.1.2        Statement of the problemIn the light of the above discussion what I want to exploreis the reasons behind sticking to the ancient practice of honor killing in mycountryPakistan. The research is directed to point out the real factors ofthe prevailing problem. Since Pakistan has an Islamic ideology and fullysupports the rights of a woman, so what are the excuses that are causinghindrance.

This research is intended to test the different concepts andunderstand the obstacles in the way if a women to have decision makingauthority. 2. Case Study Design The study conducted is mainly qualitative with supplementaryquantitative style.

The reason behind choosing qualitative style is that thevoice of a women can be heard that way only.2.1.                 Data CollectionThe major portion of the data is collected from the onlinetrusted resources like the reports of NGO’s, reports of women right activists,media, documents and so on.

2.2           Documents                             The main source upon which the research relies is official documents.since we seek to have some valid statistics, so the resources we relied uponare human right websites, text from the well written books, articles fromjournals and websites as well.2.3                Reliability and validity                                                    Inthe society like Pakistan the victims of the stated abuse are not easily accessibleto the researchers and hence the researchers have to rely on materialspreviously written in the form of articles, books ,data provided by the organizationsand professionals who are considered honest and informants in honor killingmatter.

So here the secondary data will be consulted but to ensure the validityand reliability we will try to make it up to the best.3     Empirical Material3.1        Honor killingcases in Pakistan                                                            As stated earlier, Pakistani women faces all kinds of violence andabuse, multiple forms of these violence’s can be found in the form of spousalmurder, mutilation, ritual honor “killing”, and beating. Honor killing is sometimescalled as “kala kali” in Panjab, “Kara Kari” Sindh. Mainly honor killing isfamiliar actual situation in the country.3.2       StatisticalBackground                                       From the past few years we have noticed a significant official attentionto the stated problem but are still unable to find some healthy results.Statistics collected by the HRCP states that number of cases were about 560 in2004.

Same goes for the year 2005, 465 women were deprived of their lives torestore honor of the families/community. In 2006 the number rose to 600. HRCPreport of 2006,                          “couplesfound in or more often merely suspected of adulterous relationship were awardeddeath by their family members themselves”.The abuse continued with increasing number each year, 638 in 2007, 618 in2008 and so on. The following chart shows the trend from 2004 till 2009, Table 1is compiled from HRCP (Reports and Statistics) (http://www.hrcp-web.org/)   4     Victims4.1       IllicitRelations                                  Most ofthe time women is killed in Pakistani society because of having illicit relations with a guy.

In 2007, a14-year old girl was almost killed because of having illicit sexual relationswith another man. She was killed by a gun shot, but she survived through urgentmedical aid.                     As per her statement, her cousinwanted to marry her but he was refused by her parents so he attempted to killher as a revenge and slammed her for having illicit relationship with someother guy.HRCP statisticsclearly states that in 2004, 469 victims were based on own marriage choice and14 victims were because of illicit relations. The following chart will furtherelaborate the scene, Table 2is compiled from HRCP (Reports and Statistics)(http://www.hrcp-web.

org/)4.2      Honor killing as penalty of divorce                                                              Sometimes women want divorce because of some problems but get their self-killedif they knock the legal door. As per HRCP report, in 1999 a 29 yrs. old womenwas killed in lawyer’s chamber by her own family b/c the family thought thather act of getting divorce would bring dishonor to their family. Her lawyer’salso got threatened.  4.

3       After rapekillingIn this case, if a woman is raped even if she was not willing to, iskilled by her family b/c she dishonored the family. In year 1999, a mentallydisabled 16-yrs old girl got raped by a clerk, the police handed the girl totheir family and finally the family decided to kill her b/c she was the reasonfor the shame her family faced. 4.4      punishment for disobedience                                                     some times in Pakistani society honor killing is done while thedisobedience forms the basis. The same case happened with a 25 yrs. old man whomarried an old lady in 2004.it was reported that both husband and wife in theevening had a fight and her husband shot her dead(AHRC 2004).

     5     Analysis 5.1       Doublestandards                               Doublestandards in Pakistani society for men and women are very common. Our societyholds different laws, rules and regulation for men as compared to the woman. Inthe case of the saima sarwar, who demanded divorce from her husband was treatedin very inhuman and unacceptable manner. When her husband rejected her divorceproposal, she knocked the door of the law but was unfortunately killed whilesitting in her very lawyer’s room/chamber. After few days the lawyer raised thevoice against their family who  murderedher but was threatened and did everything to suppress his voice. An FIR wasregistered against her mother and family members but no one is arrested todate.

Also very low number of people get arrested in such case in Pakistan. Thesecases shows that double standards exist in Pakistani society for men and women.The Pakistani law agencies don’t apply S- 302(C) in honor killing cases to givemaximum sentence (life for life) as is applied in all the other kinds ofmurders. Again the double standard behavior is explicit.5.2       Patriarchy                         A women who has been a victimsays                                                                                             “Pakistan was made only for the powerful and men, the poor’s and women have noplace to live here”. This shows that in this society patriarchy is oftencommon, males are considered the only bread winners  and head of the families while the women arenot even considered human beings, women are generally considered dependent. In anginaBibi case, she was engaged to her cousin by her father’s choice but her brotherdecided otherwise and when her brother saw her with her cousin she was shot.

Inhospital the authorities were informed that it was an accident and no one shother which clearly shows that male is important and have authority to punish andeven kill anyone who challenges his patriarchy.              Patriarchy is the only tool thathelps man to underestimate the authority and rights of a women and it’s the onlytool that motivates the men to beat, punish and kill women. So in patriarchalcommunity women gets no other punishment but to surrender her life.  Incidents     Brothers Sons Father Close Relative In-laws Local residents Neighbors “honor killings”   448 54 143 177 61 336 30 11 Karo Kari   227 42 64 154 6 809 12 3 Table 3Relation with the victims ..

….. HRCP Report5.

3       Global Analysis                                  Honor killing is not only the part of Pakistanisociety or even Muslim society but is very common in all those Ares around theglobe where the law is still not mature enough to reach out for women. The humanrights are violated all over the world (an estimate) but unfortunately muslin worldsomehow leads the other countries. Since the western culture is prevailing veryfast in all the parts of the world so the women are trying way more to decidefor themselves and even choose their partners. So these things actually raisequestions in the minds of the religious people as was in case of the women whogot killed in the lawyers chamber, when the lawyer tried to raise voice againsther family the religious organizations threatened the lawyer and accused him ofmisleading the country’s women. The lawyer was even declared kefir ( non –believer).                        The Islamic view caneasily be understood by considering the saying of the prophet (p.b.u.

h),                               “whosoever has a daughter does not bury heralive, does not insult her, does not favor his son over her, Allah will enterhim into paradise”.So there is noneed of going into more depth to understand Islamic perspective as the only sayingof the prophet (p.b.u.

h) is more than enough. It also clarifies themisunderstandings in the minds of those who are of the opinion that Islampromotes honor killing and values man more than a woman. The universal human rights declaration statesthat,                                                                                                ” everyone has the right to life, liberty, security of a person and …………….

“While Islam addressed and solved the same issue about 1400years ago.6     Conclusion                    Woman of a Pakistan is discriminatedfrom by law as well as society in a parallel manner. There are a lot morefactor and the ones that are mentioned in this paper like double standards,patriarchy that trigger the abuse of honor killing in Pakistan. Women aredeprived of their lives and the man being a murderer still gets lenient andfree hand by very element of the society. Apart from thesociety that is responsible for these abuses, the law enforcing agencies andthe justice courts are equally shareholders and responsible. The courts thatare the last hope available to the victims, permits the plea of ‘grave andsudden provocations” which was omitted 1990 and does not belong to the lawanymore.

So these are the things that hit back the society with the so called “honorkilling”. The government of Pakistanis somewhat trying stay away from private and family disputes of the society. Theqias and diyat is the main source of triggering the abuse but the governmentseems to be unaware of the problem or is at least confused about the so welldefined problem.History proves that honor killing is not the part of the Islamrather is a product generated by the society to harm itself. Islam does notallow killing of a woman rather ensures her every right and makes her equal toman. Prophetic and qur’anic Islam is the true Islam and there is no evidencethat supports the argument of Islam being supportive to the so called honorkilling abuse.The previous governments showed some interest and somehowtook some step but those steps are not still quite effective as the societydemands to ensure the decisive authority of a women.

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