Homework can be created till some level

Homework Assignment-1: What and Why of AIAns1.  Artificial Intelligence is a science of making intelligent systems. It is a way through which we can make the machines think, creating same intelligence in them as humans possess. Intelligence can be created till some level by providing enormous amount of data to the machines to process. Einstein said knowledge is not enough for intelligence but imagination is the key.That’s where the machines lack, a robotic dog can be trained to behave like a real dog, but in some aspects it will  deficit.

Imagination is the root of all the knowledge, it comes from within, it cannot be created. Imagination and Consciousness goes together, humans only have the ability to think for themselves, to be aware of their actions and control their thoughts. This is the reason the Thinking Humanly point appeals to me.Ans2.

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  Searle defined weak and strong ai merely on the basis of how the machine thinks and understand, i.e. philosophically. Strong ai means that the machine can perform a process same as a human being whereas for weak ai  does not.

 Searle never debated on a computer passing the test, instead he mentions that unless and until a machine can apprehend it is not considered a strong ai, even if it passes the turing test.Therefore, passing the turing test does not guarantee that the computer has a strong ai.Ans3.

a). Job loss-  Artificial Intelligence has created a lot of hype in the last few decades, there are many counter arguments also regarding the risks of artificial intelligence (via sci-fi movies). One major issue which is rising slowly and will make a great impact on everyone’s life is of the jobs.

Machines have taken place of humans in factories in manufacturing of goods with a great results such as less time, more hours. If we allow this to happen then there will come a time when there’ll be no jobs left for human. It’s better to start acting now, to eliminate such circumstances by providing a guaranteed income, better and easily accessible education and train people for other potential jobs. b). Misuse of  Power-  In  a series Westworld humanoid robots were given so much power in their hands that they start dominating  the humans, this is worst scenario which can happen and will be a threat to human beings in future. There should be a control system to shutdown when this happens by having mutiple pathways for the solution.  


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