Hog Problem Essay

This in information will be grouped together to provide annual data.

That annual data is then broken down into weekly and daily shipping patterns (see appendix- TABLE C). The daily data will provide a 5 day shipping pattern that will break down all truck loads into specific amounts to be carried, the area that they will be dispatched from as it relates to total transit time. The next recommended step is to turn this data into a specific number of loads, and then assign the loads to trucks, and see how many we would need to complete that particular days required shipping (see appendix- TABLE D).Once this task is complete, the next step is to move onto the plant itself and determine how the shipments will arrive. Determining the total amount of live hogs that will remain at the plant overnight and an amount of safety stock (if necessary) should be considered at this point. As mentioned before, it is critical that 4000 live hogs are available for slaughter at the beginning of each working day. This would be the appropriate inventory number that we would keep overnight at the facility.

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The last step in the implementation will be to combine all of the shipping pattern information with the actual plant operation. See the attached Table E which will display the shipments as they are to arrive at the facility between the hours of 7 am – 12 am. The plant operations of slaughtering the hogs will also be documented in this table beginning with the 4000 hogs that are kept nightly in the pen. If the schedule is run without interruption then the plant will begin its day with 4000 hogs in inventory ready for slaughter in increments of 1000 hogs every hog.The hog inventory at the plant will continue to rise every hour until noon when it will hit its highest peak. After noon the hog numbers will continue to decrease until the end of daily slaughtering which is 5 pm.

At that time shipments of hogs will continue to arrive until receiving closure at midnight. These receipts will build inventory level back up to 4000 live hogs that will be ready for the next morning.


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