History V. Hollywood Apush Essay

History vs.

Hollywood History is the study of the past; however, every person’s opinion varies and tends to make history a sore subject. In today’s society the average American knows little to almost nothing when it comes to history. During high school many people have thought of history being not as important as other subjects and put it off to the side. Yet later on in life they have watched a historically based movie or television show and found interest in history.

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Learning from movies that inaccurately portray history is embarrassing, but it can also motivate people to learn more about the topic.Americans should know history before watching a television show or movie that is historically based, but that is unrealistic. Movies like Good Morning Vietnam are historically based, but portray history incorrectly. These people are watching movies that they believe can teach them history due to the fact that it is “historically based”. They are learning from these movies, however, all their new found knowledge is inaccurate. It is truly embarrassing that Americans do not know their history well enough to determine a movie made up in Hollywood versus portraying accurate history.History is considered to be less important in school and many people wonder when they will ever need to know history. However, later in life when people encounter something where knowing history would be helpful, they wish they knew more.

After people watch, inaccurate, historical movies they often want to learn more about the topic. Even though people are learning incorrect history, these people are finding an interest in history that pushes them to learn more about the topic. Watching inaccurate historical movies is not a bad thing if, people understand the history they are learning is false.

Due to the fact we do not live in a perfect world, not everyone can classify a movie’s content as hollywood or history. It has been debated that if putting a warning on before the movie was played, that it would be less likely someone made a misjudgment between historically based movies and fiction. However, a warning could make the movie less relevant to people. A warning could make the movie less enjoyable, and people would not get invested into the movie as they would have if there was not a warning. If people know the movie is fictional, they might not want to learn more about the topic.

Not having the historical knowledge to decipher between history and hollywood is embarrassing but it can also motivate people to gain more knowledge of history. Americans should have more knowledge of their history, but if they learn from researching that topic after watching a movie that is not too bad. There should be warnings on movies whether it makes the movie less relevant or not. Also movie producers should realize that people are learning from their movies, and they should do a better job of making the movies historically accurate.


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