History key events in the Battle of

History PresentationWhy did the battle take place?: AayanThe Battle took place because the americans needed to gain control of Lake Erie. If they gained control it would prevent the British from attacking Ohio, Pennsylvania or Western New York. One of the biggest reasons for this battle was that the U.S. needed to regain control of Detroit. The British had a large advantage over the United States because they could easily be able to send supplies, reinforcements and naval blockades to keep control over ports.

What did each side hope to gain?: ShaianThe Americans wanted to gain control over Lake Erie so that the it would prevent the British from attacking Ohio, Pennsylvania or Western New York. The Americans could also keep their advantage over the U.S..

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While the British hoped to keep control over Lake Erie and the Northwest Territories so they could keep their advantage.Ships in the Battle of Lake Erie: TaysirThe Royal British Navy had 6 warships: the Detroit, Chippeway, Hunter, Queen Charlotte, Lady Prevost and Little Belt. The United States Navy had 9 warships: the Lawrence, Scorpion, Ariel, Caledonia, Niagara, Somers, Porcupine, Tigress and Trippe. In total the British Navy had 450 crew members and the United States Navy had 540 crew members.Five key events in the Battle of Lake Erie:First shot: Event 1 AayanThe first shot was taken on 11:45 AM by the British ship “Detroit” on the morning of September 10. Commander Perry hoped to get his largest Brigs into firing range quickly.

When Lawrence had gotten into range the ship’s fire that wasn’t as effective as Commander Perry had hoped it to be. The gunners said they overloaded the Carronades with shot; a carronade is a short large caliber cannon.Most of American Ships Destroyed: Event 2 ShaianAt 2:30 PM the British had destroyed most of the American’s ships.The Scorpion’s gun was dismounted then the boat discharged, the Ariel’s gun exploded and the boat was discharged, the Lawrence was captured but then the americans recaptured it.The Caledonia was sunk or dismantled.The Somer’s fate is also unknown,but the Porcupine was beached,the tigress was sunk and the Trippe was burnt.

Down from command: Event 3 TaysirRight after the the US’s Lawrence surrendered the British’s Detroit and the Queen Charlotte collided at 2:45 PM. Both ships suffered unmanageable damage. That left almost everyone on those ships died or got severely wounded. Quick fact most of the people on those ships were officers. Commander Barclay barely survived but he was severely wounded.

This left Lieutenant Inglis in command of the British Navy. The Lawrence was recaptured by the U.S Navy soon after. Breaking the Line: Event 4 AayanMost of the smaller ships the Americans had were disabled and drifting.Therefore the British expected the American ship the Niagara to lead the remaining ships into retreat. But then unexpectedly the Niagara started turning around and the other ships followed and they were heading right for commander Barclay’s damaged ships.

After defeating the British ships they went to the two ships that crashed into each other British ships the Detroit and the Queen Charlotte. Since these ships were defenseless they captured the and so the British’s remaining fleet surrendered and were they captured.Defeat of the British: Event 5 TaysirAt 3:00 PM the Detroit and the Queen Charlotte managed to untangle there ships. Due to the fact that their ships have no defenses they surrendered. Meanwhile the smaller ships tried to flee yet gave up and also surrendered. All british ships were captured. There were not British left on the lake this left for a American victory.Who won the battle, and what did the win mean for the Victor? ShaianThe Americans won the battle of Lake Erie.

This meant that they had control over the Lake which removed the threat of the British invading Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The U.S. also had to regain control of Detroit The british would not be able to send troops, supplies or naval blockades. Now the U.S.

had this advantage which was very good for them.Who lost the battle, and what did loss mean for the loser?:  AayanThe British lost the Battle of Lake Erie. This lost meant that they lost a big advantage they had which was that they could send reinforcements, supplies and naval blockades. They would also have problems keeping control over the city of Detroit. Lastly this  prevented the British from attacking Ohio, Pennsylvania or Western New York.


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