History Essay

In “The Inevitability of Bumps,” Susan Stellin explains the causes of turbulence and its affects on airplanes and passengers. Stellin interviews frequent fliers, the National Transportation Safety Board, engineer and pilots. Hitting a patch of choppy air really messes with people minds according to Susan Stellin. Passengers can feel unsafe about the plane and can get injured if not restrained in their seat when there is bad airflow.

The turbulence affects people more than the plane mostly according to studies of engineers making of a plane. Planes are built for turbulence. There have been more injuries than deaths that have happened to passengers on an airplane over the years. What I really liked reading this information is how I can really relate. Once I feel a bump while being on the plane a bunch of thoughts run into my head about what will happen. There are vivid details that bring the narrative to life for the reader.

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I really enjoyed the good description of turbulence when it says, “Then, as cups start skidding across tray tables and luggage jostles overhead, even some frequent fliers admit to gripping the armrest with fear. ” This statement really made me realize that people can get really freaked out on a plane when things like a cup start skidding across the table. There are good indications of the narrative’s significance, essentially why it matters to you. I also really liked the research information in the essay.

It proves points that turbulence does not affect planes as much as it does people because there are studies that determine maximum stress that planes experience and the design of aircrafts for handling it. Having turbulence is normal while flying. People cancel flights because of turbulence and their fear sometimes and in this essay it had stories from people flying or about to fly. The last sentence of this essay got me because it was a little funny to me. It added humor to the paper and left me at a good note.