Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot Essay

Nike has adapted their employee choice techniques by utilizing a computer-based interviewing system that aims to choose suited appliers for a specific occupation ( Bohlander. 2007. p. 284 ) . The said system can be really utile to the company’s human resources section since it makes their occupation a batch easier.

However. the efficiency and effectivity of the said procedure should still be proven. By and large. the said computer-generated interview can be really good both to the applier and human resource section. Nevertheless. it besides has some reverses although these reverses are negligible and can be ironed out.

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The computer-based interviewing system is applicable particularly to big companies like Nike ; on the other manus. a company should non entirely trust on this type of employee choice procedure. Other ways of employee choice should still be utilised such as accepting walk-ins in a personal interview instead than a computerized 1. Analysis The computer-assisted interviewing system tries to contract down the choice of qualified appliers to a lower limit so that the human resource section need non pass clip on all appliers ( Bohlander. 2007. p. 285 ) .This is successfully met by the said system since modern high engineering normally reduces the jumble of office work.

As in the instance of Nike. computer-based interviews can be of great aid if the figure of appliers is truly big. By making so. few people are needed in the human resources section. Besides. by subjecting the applicant’s to this computing machine interview.

human resource directors will hold the thought how the appliers cope or adapt with engineering. Are they computing machine literate and able to maintain up with the thought of a computing machine questioning them?Do they easy understand direction by simply looking and reading at a computing machine proctor? These are some of the inquiries that can be answered by using such a procedure. In add-on. the three customer-related scenarios in the computer-generated interview are really practical and realistic scenarios to prove the applicant’s attack to the existent occupation at manus. The system has many advantages as has been pointed out in the old treatment. yet. it besides has some failings.

One really of import factor in taking the right individual for the occupation is his emotional wellness.Using the computer-generated interview. Nike can non account the applicant’s emotions and feelings while the interview is traveling on. Thus. the computing machine can non state the company of the degree of assurance an applier has when the interview is done. Furthermore.

there will ever be Equal Employment Opportunity ( EEO ) concerns when it comes to employment choice processes. In this instance at manus. the company certainly provides EEO since the computing machine is non programmed to unjustly provide to a selected group of appliers. Therefore. favoritism that a human resource officer may unconsciously convey when questioning an applier may be eliminated.Recommendations On the whole. the computer-based interviewing system is good if it is used manus in manus with other types or ways of employee choice.

However. on its ain. it is really inefficient. It can be suggested that personal interviews should still be employed by the company since this sort of interview are the most self-generated and disclosure. Besides. to further develop the computer-based interviewing system.

besides the printout. it will be better if the company will include a picture camera that could enter the characteristics. facial looks and gestures that an applier may hold while replying inquiries.By making so. the appliers emotional facet can besides be observed. A psychology trial can besides be included in the computer-based interview to measure the person’s emotional wellness. Summary and Conclusion Positively.

the computer-based interviewing system is a great innovative for the human resource section of the company. As the figure of appliers for a peculiar occupation additions. the feasibleness of this method besides increases.

However. it is still insisted that the computer-generated interview should non be the exclusive factor in choosing the right individual for the occupation. Personal interviews will ever be more helpful.Surely. Nike should be concerned that the interview they are making is far from public dealingss. Public dealingss require people in the procedure. besides.

an interview is a conversation between two people. nevertheless. the computing machine is non a human being. and it is merely a machine. Therefore. the computer-based interview is one of the agencies of employee choice but it is non the terminal. It is merely one manner of the many methods an effectual complex employment choice may hold.

MentionsBohlander. G. . & A ; Snell. S. ( 2007 ) . Pull offing Human Resources.

14th Ed. Mason. USA: Thomson South-Western.


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