High School and Foriegn Language Classes Essay

High school students should take at least two years of a foreign language. Many students now just look past these classes. I feel it should be mandatory in a student’s curriculum to take one of these classes.

There are many advantages to taking these classes. Some of the benefits would be having the class to put on college applications, future job resumes, and to gain a little bi-cultural perspective. Having these things can make each of them just a little bit easier. First of all, when students apply for college there aren’t very many who think “Wow!I have too much good stuff to say about my high school education. ” They are usually striving to think of more things to add to the application to make themselves look good and make that college want them as a student. Having two years of a foreign language isn’t going to do anything nut help you fill out your college portfolio.

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When a college sees that you have taken another language they could possibly see you as someone who can think out of their box. This would more than likely be something that stands out about the student.Second, when it comes to future employment speaking another language couldn’t be anything but beneficial. With the growing number of immigrants in our country and more and more businesses working with other foreign companies, companies are always looking for bi-lingual employees.

Having the class to put on the students resume is going to speed up their finding a job exponentially. How can that be a bad thing at all? Third, having a little bi-cultural perspective would be the best thing for everyone, not just future students.Starting with our future students might help the future generations grow a bit more tolerance when it comes to different cultures.

This is something that has to be taught and if given the choice most students will not cooperate with it. Helping students see past their own culture will only broaden their way of perceiving and understanding another’s way of life and thinking. This won’t only help make their lives in the future better but help bring as much harmony to the country, and maybe the world, as we possibly can.In conclusion I strongly feel that our school boards need to consider this recommendation of a mandatory two years of a foreign language in high school. This would be one very small change that could benefit our future generations tremendously in college acceptances, finding jobs, and creating more of a bi-cultural perspective that could bring more harmony.

I can’t imagine that making these changes in our students curriculum would bring harm anywhere near the amount of good it could bring.


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